Learn why Sun is officially drowning in AlltheWeb Search. The end of the search on is reached today. The AlltheWeb is an Internet search engine that uses indexes and powerful functions to facilitate searches. Abstract: I used Google and AlltheWeb to estimate the frequency of certain words on the web.

Ouverture to the acquisition of FAST's

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The AlltheWeb was an online research tool that made its début in mid-1999 and shut down in 2011. The site emerged from the FTP-Suche, Tor Egge's doctoral dissertation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, which he began in 1994, which in turn led to the creation of Fast Research & Transfer (FAST), which was founded on 16 July 1997[1] It was mainly used as a flagship website for FAST's corporate research engines.

AllTheWeb once competed with Google in terms of scale and technology, according to Research Institute FAST.[2] AlltheWeb never became as widespread as Google, however, and its user base decreased after it was acquired by Overture in 2003. In 1999, when AlltheWeb was launched, AlltheWeb wanted to share its data base with other searching machines, thereby duplicating Inktomi's case.

Lycos used its results in the Lycos PRO scan in January 2000. At this point, the AlltheWeb data base had increased from 80 million to 200 million ARIs. Your web browser crawled over 2 billion pages[2] by June 2002 and launched a new round of searching warfare. Prior to its acquisition by Yahoo!, the data base included approximately 3.3 billion USRIs.

The AlltheWeb took some advantage over Google, such as a refreshed data base, enhanced searching capabilities, clusters of searches, and a fully customized look and feel.[2][3][4] Its picture look would also take the user directly to the picture and not to the page where it was shown.

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