Alternative to Themeforest

An alternative to the theme forest

How can I buy WordPress Themes? themed forest vs. independant themed stores? Now, let's be honest - the variety of choices available to any future WordPress topic buyer is completely overpowering. Therefore, it seems a good suggestion to reduce the participants' pools to one or two reliable vendors, but it does raise the question: Where should you buy WordPress topics from?

ThemeForest is the first port of call for many. There is a huge collection of topics and you will find many WordPress user who are enthusiastic about the best sellers. There is, however, a discussion about whether ThemeForest is an optimal market place. Indeed, buying from ThemeForest can even pose some ethics issues that you have not yet taken into account.

In the past, populair journals such as WordPress Tavern have cast doubt on ThemeForest, and with this in view, we would like to take a closer look at ThemeForest in comparison to third-party dealers. This article will briefly explain exactly what ThemeForest is, go deeply into the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing from them, and consider stand-alone themed stores as an alternative.

In the end, you know exactly where you can buy WordPress topics. Who is ThemeForest? One of Envato's many push companies, ThemeForest is a market place for website topics. WordPress is strongly represented, offering thousand of topics for all kinds of platform. As a result of this widespread adoption within the WordPress fellowship, ThemeForest has enjoyed overwhelming levels of revenue, with 50% of all WordPress topics on ThemeForest earning at least $1,000 per months.

There is no doubt that ThemeForest provides a wide range of topics (albeit of different quality), nor can one call into doubt its domination of the WordPress topics markets. So what exactly is the problem here? You should buy at ThemeForest? ThmeForest is the large scale WordPress content B2B event. When you are looking for a particular kind of topic, it is likely to be found somewhere in their large libraries.

With ThemeForest, you can choose from a wide range of well-designed topics, many of which are easy to use and allow you to get started quickly. The bestselling ThemeForest topic of all times, Avada, is an outstanding example of all this in action: But it' not all just the sun and the rainbow over at ThemeForest.

Topic bloating is the first question to think about when you discuss ThemeForest against something else. It is a market place full of providers who compete with each other to create larger, better and more feature-rich topics - which at first sight seems fantastic. However, in fact this tough contest means that certain topics are cluttered with features that most WordPress publishers would never use.

Larger topics can lead to longer loading time, which in turn can adversely influence your overall AEO. Concerning licencing, ThemeForest is not in line with what is available - something that has been debated by the EngageWP team. Instead of any general public license (GPL) licensed item - like most free WordPress topics and plug-ins, for example - ThemeForest offers items that differ in license, resulting in uncertainties.

As an example, some topics are only partly under the GPL - which means that certain items within the topic are covered by commercially licensed software, contrary to the open code character of WordPress. ThemeForest vs. from anywhere else poses a number of ethics questions. Finally, it is the brainchild of those small companies that really push the WordPress fraternity, while one could say that Envato is largely transforming this fraternity mindset into an occasion for monetisation.

Conversely, many people see ThemeForest as a good thing in the WordPress comunity. ThemeForest is nothing more than a boon in this respect for many small WordPress topic constructors. Although you might be able to help the "little guy" make a purchase at ThemeForest, you will also contribute to Envato's continued expansion.

It does not, in other words, constitute a competitive environment for the whole world. Lastly, there is the straightforward problem that in the long run it is seldom good for a company to be able to dominate a large part of the aftermarket. At ThemeForest, while things seem relatively comfortable at the moment, who should say where we are going to be?

How about independant themed stores? WordPress freelance themed stores are spread around the web (see our compilation of the top 110+ companies), and many of them enjoy respected status within the WordPress comunity. If you buy topics from independents like Elegant Themes, WPMU, StudioPress and - of course - ThemeIsle, you probably don't have the disadvantages of ThemeForest.

Also, you can find that by buying from an unrelated resource, you are entering a real WordPress audience - along with a full blogsite, online fora, dedicated help desk, Facebook groups, and so on. Briefly, if you ask if you want to buy your next WordPress topic from ThemeForest or an independant themed store, there is no right or wrong response.

Your typical themed store, however, is certainly a very different animal from ThemeForest, and it can better meet your needs. ThemeForest has many good reason to buy, and despite our misgivings, we certainly don't support anyone boycotting them. Therefore, the next decision to buy a WordPress topic may be to consider an independant provider - for the benefit of you and the fellowship!

In summary, here's what you should consider before you decide where to buy your next subject: Are you worried about the ethical behind your buy? Do you want a light, special topic or a multi-purpose animal? Do you want your design to be available under a General Public License?

Do you care about becoming part of a fellowship you can count on? What do you think of this "ThemeForest vs." edition - are you a ThemeForest supporter or an admirer of free themed stores?

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