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Following a long 12-year hiatus from work, finding a career was a frightening and disappointing one. Out of sheer enthusiasm, I decided to apply for a one-day limited employment at Altres. Lisa phoned me for an interview after I submitted my resume and set up the computer literacy assessment test for me.

It pointed out that the abilities and experiences I had were viable, but my timetable was a big challange to find a permanent career with reasonable remuneration. As Lisa told me, under the given conditions it would be hard to find a good location, but she would try. Inside a whole weekend she phoned me to tell me about a situation that seemed too good to be real.

So I went to the interviewer and found out that everything about the gig was exactly what I wanted! It was a very lucky year in this role. I got a present from Altres! Altres' CEO was struck by the way Altres treated its staff and said that this was reflected in the way Altres treated its staff.

until I found a federal post. Inside a weeks she phoned me for a post that corresponded to every point on my "job wish list". Working times are adaptable, the place is in an excellent condition in an ultra -beautiful house with good air conditioning, car parks are good, and the business is non-profit, which is a plus because I am a volunteer myself, so it is totally surprising to get rewarded for what I like to do.

One more thing that makes this great is that all the personnel come from Altres! They' ve all been there for years and our chief finds that using Altres makes it simpler and more effective to run the business. All of us were very happy to be with Altres. Amusing one-day positions were also allocated to me, such as a bogus judge, and the youngest was part of the Waikiki Sunset on the Beach personnel for the premiere of Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum PI.

Altres was definitely an exhilarating event! It was a lengthy process, but there is so much to say about how supporting and useful Altres was for me in the exhausting task of finding a career after many years. Thanks, Lisa, Megumi, Shannon and Altres team!

Before I came up for an interviewer with Shannon (who's great, by the way - this contribution doesn't refer to her just so we can understand each other), but before I came up, I did apply for a job that was supposed to let me work through Altres. However, I have completed the general information each business requires of you, along with my credentials.

I then did my evaluation test, had an interview with Shannon; got together with Lisa, filled out my taxes form; they made a copy of my driver's licence, but I forget my insurance. Shannon, if you're going to read this, please realize that this is not a about you. SHANNON. Altres already began working with me in August, when they gave me a funny camp work.

This is one that didn't work because of the firm, not because of Altres...But Claudette & Roxanne did help me find another job within a few week. They took the while to find out what I was looking for in a job and an employers because I needed a certain timetable and what not.

They' ll call you as soon as they have some jobs they will see if you are interested, and then they' ll call these firms to arrange an appointment. Personally, I adore the fact that work through a temporary employment company relieves both sides (employer and potential employee) of the pressures to be pushed into something that they may not like or meet their own standards.

Think about going through a temporary employment office if your search for a position is too busy! So when I first came back to H'onolulu after spending half my adult being in Europe, I content Altres would be a advantage decision making for the point, but wow I was injustice. Many years later I changed profession and found a vacancy without their help and have to work with them because the firm I work for has their accounting done by them and lo and behold, they mess up my paychecks every one.

Came about Altres in an articles about her firm in Star Advertiser's Hawaii Jobs section and chose to review it. Talked to the customer and was advertised a few workdays later. About two years later, and I'm still in the same outfit. While my spouse was looking for part-time work, I proposed that she also try Altres.

A few short weeks after their interviews, they found a temporary employment job that fit in well with their timetable and provided free car-parks. Altres worked with me for 8 month until the company I worked for gave me a steady job. Alltres was great to work for, and I got a great rates per hour.

As I was looking for a self employed position, I chose to try Altres and do a test. Once I had submitted my resume, I was approached to receive an evaluation and a brief discussion. I' m very glad that I used Altres to help me find a career.

I' ve used other recruitment companies before, but I think Altres has done an excellent job. Altres has done an excellent job. of course, I have a lot to say about it. They' going to do what they can to get you into a place where you stand out. And if you're ever looking for a career, Altres can help you find one. I saw an Altres list (on Craigslist) in September 2017 for a vacancy that interested me.

Then they gave me an interface for the position that I originally submitted my resume for. To cut a long long story short, someone recruited me to help out a cosmetics firm because one of their staff went on a journey. Temporarily until March 2018 and I like to work for the make-up firm as its communication managers!

Altres and her co-workers, who have provided me with this fantastic occasion. P.s. - Although I am no longer with Altres, they are still helpful/friendly when I need help from them. There came a point where I just didn't get anywhere and needed help... I turned to Altres.

When they got to know me, my person, my preferences and my aversions, they could help me find out what kind of job I was looking for. During the whole procedure they were just AWESOME! Each of them would give me the necessary information about the places I had interviewed, memories of my appointments, date and hour as well as the person to talk to for the future staff, follow me up to get my feed back and work with me on what the next move would be.

Without the help of Altres...especially the hardworking work of Lynn Hiyane and Torie Sumi, I would probably still send out my CVs looking for this intangible "new" work. Are you looking for a professional transition and are reluctant to choose an internship, I would strongly recommend you try Altres.

Try it out, your experiencing would definitely be a delight. When I went through the test and interviews processes, I was very confident. What caught my eye was their question as to whether I would go to an Interview for a pay 2 dollars less per lesson and further away in a place with almost zero chances of advancement.

On the phone, I phoned the initial interviewer with whom I had the conversation, and I said that even though they were enormous, we wouldn't go well together. I have been working with Claudette Miller from ALTRES Staffing for over 20 years. We have used Altres to fill roles at all skill sets, from beginners to qualified lawyers and senior managers.

Excellent at listening, communicating well, and working to find and present talent that fits our company's corporate cultures as well as the engineering skills and licences needed for the role. I' ve never worked with an unemployment office before, so I had no clue what to look forward to. Although I had a great time from beginning to end.

Claudette and Roxanne supported me and they were nothing but unbelievably useful and professionally involved in the whole thing. Finding a job can be a strenuous and bewildering one. At ALTRES we are always friendly, effective and keep our orders running! Every employee I've ever talked to is second to none. I have been an Altres customer for almost two years and cannot thank the fantastic operator!

In a very dissatisfied working atmosphere, they ensured me a steady, full-time job at the best organization I have ever worked for. It makes all the different to have mediation experts who take the liberty of listening, analysing your personalities, your abilities and your experiences and bringing you into a great world!

Thanks Altres! I needed a vacancy three years ago when I was graduating and went to a recruitment firm like ALTRES, as it was one of the possibilities after having wasted so much of my precious little hours and efforts, I couldn't get a vacancy about this place. So I jumped over ALTRES and directly started to apply, and in the end I actually got it.

If you know the business for which ALTRES provides personnel, I suggest you simply send your application directly to ALTRES, don't let ALTRES earn the useless cash and start with your agreement. Recruitment is paying you much less than the business actually is paying you for the same job, and ALTRES get several thousand euros just because they involve you.

They will not have the benefits of the business and a decent salary, but a low salary from the recruitment office and a performance break. The first experiences I had with this Kahului Maui staff were outstanding. I' ve been working for Altres since October 2017 when I relocated to Oahu. It'?s a great place you can work for.

If you' re new to the archipelago and looking for a career, I strongly suggest this one. I' ve been with Altres since early November 2016. I have not received a single call or e-mail about vacancies or possible jobs since I completed my part of the Altres system.

I' ve been calling my guidance counsellor, Roxanne K., several times, but I' ve got nothing back. No need to say my Altres experiment was less than brilliant. Well, I suppose it's just case to find another agent. I' d give this firm zero star if I could. I am currently at home for the summers and Altres has connected me with a great temp work at the airports.

but I thought I'd try Altres. Büroperson is stunning. It does an excellent job by taking the needs of its people into account when creating jobs.

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