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Astonishing mobile websites has been able to pack a lot of information into its websites without compromising visual appeal, and the amount of information it has been able to pack is extremely impressive. Zappos' mobile website is a good example of how to study e-commerce websites. Zady's conscious consumer behaviour looks breathtaking on the mobile phone.

Top Responsive Design Websites | Web Design Inspiration

Responsible websites are those that have been developed to use W3C CSS3 query templates with fluids meshes and often fluids pictures to customize the look and feel of the website. Reactive web site redesign is about creating sites that are suitable for more than one size of display. This means for the designers and developers that they only have to work on one release of the website instead of creating one for desktops and another for mobile phones.

Liquid meshes, versatile imagery and streaming requests are the three key elements for fast web designs, but they also require a different way of looking at things.

70 breathtaking, engaging websites for your inspirations

In recent years, reactive web conferencing has been the industry benchmark for creating websites that look great on any machine. Responsible webcasting was also Google's recommended template for mobile signage. Google unveiled the latest mobile web golden rule at the recent 2007 Summit: app-like mobile web-experience.

Through the combination of progressive web application technologies, accrued mobile pages and app-like web payment, merchants can build attractive (and fast) mobile websites that are optimised for advanced search engine optimization (SEO), maintain customer loyalty and result in higher conversions. What matters most is that the speed of reaction no longer matters. View the top 10 E-Commerce Progressive Web Apps for today's mobile buyers.

Now, you're probably looking at this article because you already have a reactive website, or because you're reactive. Don't be afraid, you don't have to go from scratch: Response Web is the best basis for a next-generation Mobile Web event with rapid, app-like interaction and commitment. However, no matter what kind of mobile website you currently have (or want to build), you should look at the mobile power metrics to see how your website is performing in comparison.

Obtain the only mobile commerce benchmarks report that feeds into every phase of the mobile funnel's service delivery so you can pinpoint ways to mitigate churn and grow revenues. However, a well-designed, fast-reacting website is a nice thing, so we've put together 70 breathtaking, fast-reacting websites to inspire you - because who doesn't like pretty things?

Quickly navigate by going to the section that interests you most: And now that you're excited, you can get the ULTIMITE Design Guide for best practice in the best mobile experiences in the world.

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