Amazing Wordpress Sites

Astonishing Wordpress Pages

Forty-three amazing websites that will persuade you to study WordPress. Since WordPress began over a dozen years ago as a blogsite, it has evolved into a fully-fledged CMS (Content Managing System). My WordPress launch took place within the first few years after the launch. While I used it for the blogging, as its abilities increased I began to use it for more things and even for websites that had no blog at all.

Now there are almost no limits to what you can do when you study WordPress (beyond the fundamentals of publishing content). E-commerce sites, events sites, small businesses sites, big businesses sites, directory sites and almost anything else you can imagine. For a little bit of inspirational work before you get started on your next (or first!) WordPress projects, visit these 43 pages!

Psst! If you're completely new to technology, take a look at our free 10-day coding boot camp to see if it's right for you! WorldPress is very much loved by designers, and not just for their clients' websites. Be it a basic web designers web site or a complete business website for a full service web publishing company that handles everything from web creation to sales and distribution, WordPress is a frequent option for powerful web publishing companies.

Have a look at some of the great samples here: Rooted in blogs, WordPress is a natural fit for online publishers. Entertainment companies (including big-name companies like Alanis Morissette) have WordPress-based Web sites, and even high-profile journals like The New Yorker run their Web sites on WordPress. There' s a few more downstairs:

Although WordPress is not a ready-to-use e-commerce site, plug-ins like WooCommerce can make it ready for almost any on-line shop. Have a look at these here for some great suggestions! WorldPress is open sourced ( i.e. the access to the program is free ), which makes it a good option for non-profit organizations and benefactors who don't have a money for their own programs (or who would rather invest it in their own mission).

Much of the company's website runs on WordPress, among them big-name sites like the New York Times Company and Sony Music. A lot of colleges and universities as well as education institutions like LadiesLearningCode. For those just starting to learn coding, visit our free 10-day coding boot camp.

Or, if you are willing to immerse yourself in WordPress, sign up for our free WordPress Developer Career Blueprint! She has been a free-lance journalist, copywriter and journalist for a dozen years, and writes for some of the world's premier web designs and technology blogging sites.

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