Amazon Christmas List

Christmas list Amazon

Everyone can search and see this list. Search for a list or a tab. Display your lists and people. Search for a list or a tab.

Sorry, there was just a bug in making this list. Choose "This is a gift" to order: Recipients can enroll the unit in their own Amazon accounts upon arrival. Attach a delivery note so the consignee knows who sent it. Conceal the price on the package note. You can also choose to attach additional packaging.

Add a personalised present notification. Save the present as a suprise by hiding objects that are only shipped in the manufacturer's genuine packaging. Incorrect calculation of the sub-total for your list. Subtotals cannot be charged for more than 100 positions. Help: Make your list

Easily build a list and include elements in your list to keep an overview of the elements you're viewing. In order to make a list: Move the mouse pointer over Account & List at the top of each page and choose Make a list from the drop-down list. If you are making more than one list, go to an available list and click Make list after switching to your lists.

Then click Make List. Choose Administer list from the list box (...) at the top of your list to refresh your standard delivery adress, your birth date, your custom descriptions and your settings. Please note: Gifts only see the name, town and state of the delivery location you selected, unless the list is flagged as for a business.

Amazonia only uses your date for your customers selected anniversary reminder and to create information on the website. It is possible to specify whether your list is intended for a company, and if so, you can specify the company's Web site address. Under the Buy field on the right side of the article's detail page, click Join List.

Hint: Only list owner can make changes via Manage list. List owner as well as employees can insert and delete elements. With the exception of out-of-print directories, out-of-print merchandise, mobile handsets with schedules, articles without a publication date, and articles with volume limits, you can include articles offered for purchase by in your list.

Allows you to include articles available from vendors in your list. Hint: You can redo this operation to make more than one list; there is no limitation. When you click Append to List, your standard list is the list to which elements are added. To move elements between listings, see Editing elements in your list.

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