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Amazing Santa

The bizarre twist of fate transforms a divorced father into a new Santa Claus. Maybe some people don't call it that, but for me, The Santa Clause is a Christmas favorite. Observe the Santa Claus clause This film itself is funny, sweet and natural..

. secure for children. It also has a lot to offer adult, but the intended readership is definitely children. The 10-year-old will survive without protests and the 3-year-old loves Santa Claus, the fairies and of course the reindeers.

It' not a home alone, but if you want to round off your newer Christmas classic, this is a track that' s definitely value to be bought. So if you are looking for one of the best, not really child-resistant Christmas films.... get a copy of "The Ref" and look after the children go to sleep.

A short comment on this track can also be found in my section. Hopefully you had a nice vacation and this Review will help you determine if this is a track deserving of purchase.

This ad from Amazon implicates that Santa is not genuine.

She claims that the ad is forcing her to have a hard talk with her children about Santa Claus. Amazon's new Christmas ad has angry parent's because they believe the ad shows children that Santa Claus is actually just a mother and father. Shown only in the UK, the spot shows a father smuggling a pile of parcels from Amazon into cartons at , past his clueless children to conceal them until Christmas.

A few oversensitive families felt that the story was pointing out to the children that their Christmas presents were not really supplied by a man on a reindeer. However, the story was not a good one. Others followed quickly, and shared their disappointment with the way the ad seemed to suggest that presents were coming from a parent instead of Kris Kringle. A particularly indignant mother alleged that the ad prompted her baby to ask if the man in the ad who was concealing presents was Santa, but it was not clear whether she was fast enough on her legs to declare that, low and see, other parcels arriving during the holiday which are not presents.

Kris Kringle stands for the fantasy and wonder that many a child can experience on holiday. And of course they are angry at the thought that their babies are raising too fast. But my God, it's not like Amazon had a 30-second commercial screaming, "Santa Claus isn't genuine, kiddies!

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