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Hosting - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazonia Web Services provides Web Content Services that enable enterprises, non-profit and government organisations to cost-effectively deploy their Web sites and Web apps. No matter whether you are looking for a merchandising, enriched web site or e-commerce site, AWS provides a broad array of web site hosting choices and we can help you choose the one that's right for you.

AWS allows you to have a data center that hosts your website in any region with just a few mouseclicks. Site traffic can vary greatly. At AWS, we have web host capabilities that provide pay-as-you-go prices or set prices per month. Basic Web sites usually comprise a Web site running either a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, an eCommerce solution, such as Magento, or a batch of applications, such as LAMP.

It makes it easier to create, maintain, administer and operate the contents of your website. Basic Web pages are best suited for low to mid traffic Web pages with more than one author and more common changes in contents, such as hosting Web pages, Web pages or blog. It provides a straightforward point of departure for a website that could expand in the near term.

Whilst these websites are usually cost-effective, they need IT maintenance of the web site and are not designed to be high availability or scaleable beyond a few web site hosts. Lightsail is the simplest way to start and administer a webhost with AWS. The Lightsail package contains everything you need to start your website - a VM, SSD-based memory, file transfers, DNA handling and a fixed IP - at a low, affordable rate.

With just a few mouse clicks you can start Lightsail for your website. Select the OS or app templates that best suits your site and your VPN will be up and running in less than a second. Standalone Web sites provide HTML, JavaScript, pictures, videos, and other data to your Web site users and do not contain server-side user codes such as PHP or ASP.NET.

Usually they are used to create your own website or to create your own website. State of the art Web pages are very cost-effective, offer a high degree of dependability, do not need servers to be administered, and do not need scalability to manage enterprise-level Web site traffic without extra effort. The Amazon S3 Amazon S3 is an item repository with a basic web services API for storing and retrieving any amount of information from anywhere on the web.

Developed to provide 99. 9999999999999999999% shelf life and scalable to over billions of items globally. In order to use it for a stationary website, just load your data into an existing website and set up your web host in the area. Corporate Web pages range from very popular networking and advertising Web pages to socially, emotionally, and application-intensive Web pages.

Lamborghini, Coursera and Nordstrom, for example, use AWS to service their sites. Business Web sites must have dynamic resource scaling and high accessibility to serve the most sophisticated and busy Web sites. Corporate Web sites use a number of AWS service providers and often extend across a number of datacenters (known as uptime zones). AWS-based corporate Web sites offer a high level of uptime, scaling, and power, but demand a higher level of manageability and administrative overhead than fixed or plain Web sites.

The Amazon EC2 offers scalable processing power in the clamp. Built to make Web-scale, cloud-based computing simpler for Web designers, it enables the highest levels of scaleability and uptime for Web sites and Webapps. Amazonia EC2 is changing the way computers operate by letting you just charge for the actual amount of space you use.

In order to use EC2 to service your Web site, you must build and maintain an EC2 entity in the AWS Management Console.

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