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The Americas Time now

Now what time is it in the United States? The time zone map of the USA and the local time and time zone names in each country. Actual local time and time zone in New York, United States of America, North America. Verify the current time in the major cities of the United States of America. USA facts, map and time in major time zones and cities.

The United States

United States of America, also known as the United States, the USA, the USA, the USA and the States, is a 50-state Germany mainly situated in Middle North America.

North America has country frontiers with Canada and Mexico and territory waters with Canada, Russia and the Bahamas. Otherwise, the USA is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Fourty-eight of the States, "the continental" or "contiguous 48 States", are situated in a unique area between Canada and Mexico.

It has a federated county, the district of Columbia, which is called after the old poetry of the name for the land and includes the nation's main city, Washington D.C.. United States also has a number of offshore jurisdictions.

Actual time in California, USA

It'?s time in California, United States? Would you like to see the time in California, United States in comparison to your home? Select a date and time, then click Send, and we'll help you get the time from California, USA, to your time zones. Check out our World Meeting Planner and get a full colour graphic that compares the time of night in California, USA, with all the other sites around the world that others will be attending.

Klaus Fuchs at the Los Alamos National Laboratory provides the USSR's atomic programme with a plan for the United States' plot ted to build a plasma incendiary system. Puerto Rico from Spain is taken over by the United States. You about to make an intercontinental long-distance call to California, USA? Only confirm the time?

Actual center time now in the USA and Canada. now in the USA.

Timezones in the United States. For North America, Central Standard Time (CST) means a time observed in the Central Time Zone. The CST is a default time in which six consecutive hour are deducted from the GMT (UTC/GMT -6) and five consecutive hour are deducted from the GMT (UTC/GMT -5) during summer time (DST).

Central standard time is calculated from the mean sun time of the 90% western Meridian of the Greenwich Observatory. The central standard time is adhered to in the wintry season. Central Dayslight Time (CDT) is monitored during DST in early and late fall. Some areas do not respect DST.

The central standard time is adhered to throughout the year in these areas. The Central Standard Time is often reduced to Central Time (CT) in the United States and Canada. Since 2007 the locale time changes from CST to CDT at 02:00 LT to 03:00 LT on the second Sunday in March and reverts at 02:00 LT to 01:00 LT on the first Sunday in November.

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