American Themed Restaurants

Theme American Restaurants

Act like you're Al Capone in that restaurant with a Speakeasy theme. and we have American theme restaurants. Seven of the funniest American-themed restaurants in the whole wide variety.

When Americans are good at something, it's not... love. Indeed, there are restaurants all over the world that try their damn best to be authentic American.... and the results drop somewhere between humorously awkward and just mournful. Established by California expatriates and known for its solid parts of Tex Mex, BBQ and Burger, Foster's can also be a Spaniard apple bee.

They even offer indefinite refillings in real American style - a big thing in a land where you even have to ask for it. It'?s more like an American no-dream. Dream, who goes the whole American Crucible thing a little too far, is serving everything from huge hamburgers and pizzas to Sushi and Bobagels to a $52 Cheeseburger Tower of six chicken biscuits coated with fried red meat, fried onions and chilli.

U.S. Sport Club! But then they charged the store with sport memories, beefs, and burger. The best part is that they pride themselves on an "American service", so you might want to refrain from doing all these things. We suspect that this food line is the product of a mixture of different hypotheticals: 1 ) a recent Japan occupant who has never been to the US; 2) a recent Japan occupant who has observed too many old American westerns; 3) a recent Japan occupant who has never run a business before and quite simply has no clue what he is doing.

That flashy 60's American restaurant variation - completed with a milk shake pub you wouldn't even find in America - seems to think the mere designation of foods after US restaurants somehow authentifies it. In this spirit you should definitely try the New York way New York way Beefburgers, Chicago way Chicago way Hogs, Texas way BBQ Chickenburger or Cajun way Chickens.

Most authentic American thing in this place? Unfortunately, this place has nothing to do with Captain America or any of our favourite heroes. It' s a hilarious extensive meal, and - with meals like a houndog soaked in custard and peppers (called the PizzaDog of course) - it seems a spoof of what the Irish must think Americans are eating.

Fresh teas are supplied with free fillings, self made frankfurters, grated fins and cured breast of cattle. For us it is quite American, apart from the fact that they use locally grown seasonings and pieces of meats.

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