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At times this basic idea or morality is directly expressed, and at times the reader has to think about the basic idea. Most literary works can have more than one theme. In this article you will learn how important the topic is and how to use it. Browse examples of themes from famous novels by Dostoevsky, Tolkien and others and how you can develop themes in your own novel. Choose one of the following topic examples - you like it and try to write a story about it.

What is the topic in literature??

But for something so important, often still uncertain what the "topic" is actually. Is there a theme in Lit? Put quite bluntly, the theme of a novel is the major theme (or themes) at the heart of the narrative. One of the most illustrious stories is "Romeo and Juliet", in which two young enthusiasts fall in love with a family and die as a consequence of some sad and unhappy deeds.

There is a distinction between a morality and a morality that must be a particular lecture or point that the writer supposedly makes, but a theme can be more general - an inspiration or a theme that appears in a narrative. Morality can be an issue, but an issue doesn't have to be an issue.

Unavoidability or drama of deaths is a literal theme to be found in all sorts of novel, whether as a focal point or through the passing of a protagonist. It'?s just a matter of time. It'?s the roots of all bad. Whilst sci-fi is the most obvious way to explore the subject of tech, it is still a favorite subject in a variety of different fields.

It is a theme that encompasses almost every category and is represented in more works than any other. Working with this literal theme will examine humanity's fight against the physical realm (bad climate, wildlife, environment) or against its own "human nature". On both occasions, novels on this subject often show a fight for surviving and remind us how frangible humanity really is.

As a rule, the literal theme "individual vs. society" concentrates on a character who is an outcast of the community in which he lives. Perhaps the simplest (and therefore most popular) setup for a story is the classical theme of good vs. bad. Good wins over bad in most cases (again the feel-good factor) - but there are many more gloomy works where bad dominates.

While some stories concentrate on the magnificence or need of warmongering and the courage of those who fight in it, others still select the drama, sorrow and terror that unavoidably follow as people raise their weapons against each other. Is there any other important topic that we should include in the listing?

Are there any favorite stories on these or other topics? Divide this checklist of topics in literature:

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