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This webcam girl was the most popular character on the Internet in 1998.

Ana Voog started annacam on August 22, 1997 - a webcam projekt that every few moments would upload a picture of what Ana was doing at this point in her live. She opened her room to the outside worlds - and the whole wide open space was there. When Ana Voog found glory, she did. Until 1998, seven million humans observed daily anthacam.

In order to put this figure into perspective for you, the overall number of worldwide web surfers in 1998 was 147 million. Anas' master room, one of 20 of the world's top on-line populations, watched every workday. Frequently we are writing about the bane of contemporary celebrities and how badly today's celebrities are endowed to deal with the drawbacks of glory.

Ana' s glory replaced that of today' s star performers. Jenner currently has 47 million Instagram fans, with a combined number of 3 billion users. In order to reach Ana's levels of web exposure and have 1 in 20 individuals following her live on-line, Kendall would need to have 103 million supporters added.

She was the Internet's own home maid and achieved a glory only achieved by her cinematographic colleague Jennifer Ringley, whose JenniCam produced the phenomena we now call Lifecasting. Peaking on her glory, Ana had murder menaces in front of her stalker home awaiting her - Warren Beatty even observed her having sexual intercourse with her ex-boyfriend in front of the cameras, half way to order a slice of bread before she got more attention.

During the twelve years that the anthacam has been running, there are many more splitter pages on the net. This is Anas Vimeo, with video footage from 1997 to today. Here is a shortcut to their upgraded anchacam page (the orginal has expired). You could, if you wanted, put all these places together in a bulk replica of almost every single passing Ana' s lifetime since 1997.

Your live is really a live experience on-line - and an achievement that has not yet come to an end. Live caster like Jenni and Ana send their lifes continually, with modem and meanwhile decommissioned FTP cams. It would take three and a half moments to load a picture over a dial-up network link. Twitter was a very popular Twitter site, sharing their live over the web two centuries before the creation of Twitter; before we started obsessively sharing everything and everyone we do and think on-line.

Jenni, who feels uneasy with her glory, gave several years ago a series of talks in which she announced her intent to leave ordinary society and remained faithful to her words. In 2009, Ana also hanged her webcam and since then has been living a semi-remote lifestyle in Minnesota. On Dazed demand she gave us an exclusively conducted conversation about glory, modernity, social networking and what it means to be the home of your own internets.

Like Ana herself says on the initial website of Anacam: Welcome to the mother ship #voog. In 1997, when you began using Adobe' Clickcam, did you ever think what the web would become? I imagined a very different kind of web than the one we have now," says Ana. At that time, the web was so much more cool because humans from all professions and breeds that you would never actually encounter in your everyday live interacted on-line.

Now there are the Tumor Ir folks, the Instagram folks, and each was divided into its small slices. Anna Voog: Anacam was definitely like the first Facebook or Instagram, but I did everything by hand. It' taken for granted among them. At that time the web was so sluggish - it would take two moments to load a 240 x 320 pixels picture.

" This was about getting folks to connect, you know. It was crazy, a trivial period in my Iife. Seven million humans watched me every single second. like the Miley Cyrus of the web, only taller than Miley. They were after me. Truman's show had just come out, and they were just possessed.

I' m still sending my live now, but only about three guys look at it! As Ana Voog says, "I'm seeing how the new generations are dealing with their online heights. To see how humans wrongly interpret what they say and all the hatred they receive and how they interpret what they say and what they say about it. And I see them fighting with the famous, and I understand it.

Well, at least these guys have bodiesguards. but nothing to save me. Ladies are much more insecure about the use of the web. What did you do with the glory? And Ana Voog: It really exhausted me. Because if you don't have a powerful nucleus and know who you are, all the energies that are being projected onto you by all the guys observing you will be destroying you.

With Anacam, it was about you being an everyday man and doing everyday things. As Ana Voog says, "I'm not really amazed that they don't want to be seen on-line in a negative way. Accepting this construction of a flawless lifetime, I just knocked it down to show everyone my lights and darkness and just be myself.

What effect has the name recognition had on your personality? As Ana Voog puts it: "It kind of broke my team up. My wife, Anacam, broke up my whole team. As Ana Voog says, "The first times it was happening I was with an ex-boyfriend and we just chose to do it on the net. So, it's kind of awesome that some of the first sexes on the web were with a bloke that was so big!

It was so important that the sexual intercourse was genuine and genuine. All I wanted to do was show them what true love is with two guys who really took care of each other and love each other. I' m actually afraid of being recognized. It'?s not like my daughter's classmates know what I did.

After 12 years, what made you do it? Well, for one thing, all the antiquated softwares I used are outdated. Anna Voog: You know, it was with my boyfriend and it's interesting because when we first got together we only had five month of constant sexual intercourse in front of the film. And I think they wanted to believe that I belonged to them or something; they didn't want me to fall in loving someone else.

So how much anatomy have you really been? I don't have any persons. Annacam - that's what I am. Temporary work is one of the means of the annacam team. Ana has launched a new performing arts program, Robot Girl, with staff all over the globe.

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