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As Ana Voog puts it: "What ever happens to one of the first online celebrities?

She had seven million viewers on the web every single night before there was any kind of online community. She was the one-woman celebrity of anacam, a live transmission on television, where she showed the most private aspect of her live in quiet programmes on the big screen. Being one of the first female cams in 1997, Voog became such a phenomena that the stalker would be sleeping outside her home.

Now there are the Tumor Ir folks, the Instagram folks, and each was divided into its small slices. The Independent tells Voog that Cyrus' Instagram page now resembles Anacam the most. "I' m not really saying I was the Miley Cyrus of the Internet," she said. Like I was something like Miley Cyrus.

"I will not mention Miley Cryus because she is known. That' because Miley Cyrus' instagram comes close to what I used to do. "Mr Vog emphasised that one thing that has not change since the creation of anacam is the troll, and the way humans can assault and misuse others on-line. Among the motivations mentioned by Mr Vogel to document her existence in the movie now is the demonstration of what it means to be a women in the era of music.

It' s a lot of pleasure to look back and see what the tech was then and what everybody was carrying and how everybody was speaking. On her Vimeo page, Anacam poses interesting question about what, if anything, from our life we should be saving forever on movie?

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