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An Ana Voog's talk with Tori

From Thursday, November 18, 1999, Tori's Toriamos. com website has been offering Tori streamed videos in chat with musician/artist Ana Voog. Tori and Ana's interview, which actually took place on 20 October 1999, took 30 min and is one of Tori's most intriguing conversations.

Now to see it, go to, click on Messages, and then search for the chat links now under the message Monday, February 14. It is available in 2 different file types, RealPlayer G2 and Windows Media Player. Also Ana Voog has made her own Tori page, which shows how she took Tori and contains many pictures from her October 20, 1999 gathering.

Now if you can't see the movie, you can see a full copy of the interviews that Toriphiles Julie and Feely made. More pictures of Ana in Tori interviews! 33-year-old Ana Voog is a female performer and performer from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine in its October 1999 edition said it "was at the heart of a singular experimental venture called Anacam.

With fairly simple technologies - a few videocameras uploading regular real-time pictures to her website - little Voog has turned her live into one of the longest continuous shows in the whole wide globe, a radically on-line copy of reality-related programming". Speaking in a post on the annavoog mailinglist on October 18, 1999, Ana said, "I will be playing amino on Wednesday[October 20, 1999] !!!!!!! and today I found out that it will be a chat with Tori more than an interface... that she will ask me a few question and so on...".

On Wednesday 20 October 1999, the chat was not an open chat with an audience, but merely a discussion between these two people. This was not fully shown on the date of the event, but you could see pictures of Ana speaking with Tori on Anacam.

Wayne has also taken a number of pictures of Tori and Ana Voog speaking about Anacam, and you can see them all by klicking on the picture below. Visit the Anacam website and take a look around.

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