Anatomy 3d

3d Anatomy

Discover the body and learn and rework anatomy in a modern way with our brand new interactive 3D anatomy atlas, supported by BioDigital Human. Educational 3D medical applications are created to help you better understand human anatomy and physiology. 3-D modelling by doctors and anatomy experts. Use of International Anatomical Terminology. Home;

/; 3D Human Body.


Adds, deletes and combines anatomic textures. Controlled system of teaching of devices: bone, tendons, muscles, vessels, venules, nerves, hearts, thighs, bronchial tubes, pulmonary tubes, kidneys..... Intelligent labeling system for better learn. Create your discs in any texture and/or at any angles and see the results in real-time....

Take a look at the anatomic structure and find out all its connections. Adds or removes the structure of your choosing.


Basic Anatomy contains 4,000 anatomically intricate textures. Browse directly from the models or use the Browse feature to find the structure you need most. Powerful differencing utilities allow you to quarantine single or multi structure and benchmark against others. Esstial Anatomy 3 contains 10 full kits that can be turned on and off with ease.

Developed to provide a smooth and smooth 3D viewing environment, Esstial Anatomy 3 stands out where other applications don't work. This tailor-made model enables more details and even more power. Isolate structure, tamper with it or select miniature views of popular anatomic site names. Make use of our comparative tool to help you better grasp interrelationships with neighbouring architectures.

You can also use our new Multiple Selection Tool to easily match multiple textures. Esstial Anatomy 3 allows you to test your wisdom with its unparalleled trivia function. Select between Drag & Drop and Multiple Choice and test yourself on every system included in the application. They can even fine-tune the game based on local anatomy.

The Essential Framework contains a complete 3D framework that can be turned at any desired rotation point. Look at the bone in its entirety, hear the acoustic pronunciation of the bone, comment and divide medias, and even take part in tests. Provided free of charge, this application demonstrates the breakthrough 3D technologies and cutting-edge designs of Essential Anatomy 5.

You can also use the keys at the top of the screen.

You can also use the keys at the top of the screen. You can use the Cover slide on the far right to display planes. You can use the top right lookup box to browse, or click Enterities to select them. Use Shift+Click to click Identities or Fashion ( or click the Pins symbol in a label) to fix an identity.

The selection is retained while you choose more. You can use the visible symbol on the name of an object to fade out an element. In contrast to Ctrl+Click on an object, the Show Utility lets you fade out the elements until you click Show All at the top right. You can use the Zoom To utility on the element name to centre the display on the element.

To view information about the element, use the down arrow on the element name. You can use the Tooltip on the element name to staple an element that allows you to choose several elements. You can use the style selection symbol above the anatomy slide bar on the far right to download different styles. With My Scene you can download and store scene you have made.

Stores all annulments, pin and visual elements. The Zygote Media Group has compiled a set of Zygote sceneries with notes that identify anatomic land markers. The Hierarchy is a listing of all the objects you have in your actual scenario. If activated, when you select a part and do not display the part name, a multiple-choice pop-up window appears where you can test yourself.

At the top centre, the Snap Shot symbol shows a moment of your scenes, which you can then save as jumpg or continue drawing with the supplied styluscils.

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