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However, there are a number of differences between a real website and a blog. Briefly, a blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written content, also known as blog posts. Most blogs focus on a specific topic, such as web design, home staging, sports or mobile technology.

How is a blog different from a website? SCOTTY: (Explains)

Newbies often ask us what a blog is and what is the difference to a website? When you are considering launching a blog or website, it will help you understand these concepts to achieve your objectives. Here we describe what a blog is and how it differs from a conventional website.

Who is a blog? Blog is a kind of website where the contents are presented in reversed order (newer contents appear first). Often blog contents are called blog items or "blog posts". However, there are now tonnes of company blog sites producing tonnes of information and thought-provoking material.

Blog postings also have a comment area where the user can react to the post. In the mid-1990s blood logs were created from on-line logbooks and magazines. At the end of the 90' the concept blog was used for the first time, later it became "we blog" and then only "blogging". As the number of such websites grew, several different utilities emerged that made it easy for consumers to build on-line magazines and weblogs.

Those utilities contributed to popularizing blogs and making the technologies available to non-technical people. 1999 saw the launch of the beloved blogsite, which was later taken over by Google in February 2003. In the same year WordPress published its first release as a blogsite in May 2003. Today, WordPress is the world's most widely-used blogsite, operating over 30% of all Web sites.

Where is the distinction between blog and website? But the only true distinction between a blog and other kinds of sites is that a blog is periodically refreshed with new contents that appear in reverse order (newer postings first). Characteristic sites are statical in character, where the contents are organised into pages, and they are not often up-dated.

A blog, on the other hand, is dynamical and is usually refreshed more often. Companies often have a blog area where they periodically post information to keep their clients informed. Since you can use WordPress to design a website and blog, many shopkeepers use WordPress to design their website for small companies.

This website has other contents that are posted in a non-blog form such as glossaries, about us and contacts pages. There is no blog or contents that are posted in a sequence. Conversely, Web sites use pages to organise and view information. Where is the difference between blog posts and pages?

WorldPress is the most widely-used blogsite, with two standard contents types: articles and pages. Blogs are shown in reversed order chronologically (newest to oldest) on your blog page because they are contemporary contents, which means your visitors have to go further to see older postings.

Websites are unique contents such as your info page, your contacts page, product or service pages and much more. For more information, read our beginners manual about the differences between articles and pages. Usually pages are used to build a website tree and page layouts. Blog can even have pages next to it (see our listing of important pages that every blog should have).

So why do humans blog? Which are the advantages of using the blog? Every single person has their own motivations for making a blog. Logging offers them a place where they can make their creative power and inspiration available to a broader public. Leading brand names and companies are creating new blogs to inform their clients, communicate messages and engage a broader public.

Logging is an integral part of the overall business strategies of many companies. Below are just a few of the advantages of using the blog. Logging is enormous! The Pinch of Yum is one of the most beloved internet news and recipes sites. Launched by Lindsay, a high-School teacher, the blog gave her permission to resign from her daily work and become a full-time businesswoman.

TheParents is a beloved parent blog run by Neve and Keane (the parents). Sharing educational advice for mothers and fathers, they earn cash by making commissions on items they refer. This is a favorite editainment blog that features interesting stories on a wide range of subjects in Listikel-style.

Launched by Danielle Bernstein, we were wearing Was ist ein beliebter Modeblog. Nerd Fitnessblog, a Steve Kamb blog about physical activity, is devoted to supporting those who want to keep in shape. Alex's favourite blog that divides your travels while providing trip suggestions, advices and guidebooks for otherpackers. It is a blog of personality growth made by Lori Deschene.

This blog posts information about luck, romance, relationships, attentiveness, spirit, simplicity, minimumism, release and more. Check out our listing of the most beloved kinds of blog for more inspiration. And how do blogs earn cash? Several of them are, but a large number of Bloggers earn cash with their blog.

It allows them to concentrate more on their blog, finish their job and start a prosperous one. Here are a few ways that most people use to earn cash with their blogs: Probably the most frequent and simplest way to make cash is to place advertisements there. A lot of Blogger also earn cash through affiliate based merchandising.

Another popular monetisation method is membership, the sale of on-line lessons or the addition of an on-line shop to the blog. Take a look at our tried and tested ways to make cash on your blog line for more samples. There is also a simple launcher listing of on-line businesses that you can take a look at. Everybody can launch a blog?

Yes, anyone who wants to launch a blog can do so without any problems. During the early stages of the blogging process, people needed programming knowledge to even upgrade their blog. Now there are many utilities that allow you to simply blog without ever having to write it. When you can point and click, you can blog within a few moments.

The choice of the fake blogsite to launch a blog is the most frequent error a beginner makes. Use of WordPress is recommended. It' the world's most beloved blogs and website builders site. More than 30% of all web sites on the web are created with WordPress just so you can see how much you like it.

WordPress is of two types:, which is a Hosted Solutions, and, also known as Self-Hosted WordPress. Read our guidance on the differences between and for more detail. It is recommended to use as it gives you immediate use of all WordPress functions.

You can also earn easy and without restrictions with your blog. Would you like to know more about WordPress? Read our full WordPress test to get a detailled description of the functions. The following things you need to get your own blog started. Well, if you're just getting started, it seems like a whole bunch of cash.

You are one of the largest hosters in the word and are formally endorsed by WordPress. Once you have purchased the hosted service, you can go to our How to Launch a Blog tutorial to get a full step-by-step tutorial. Hopefully this post has help answered your question about what a blog is and what the differences are between a blog and a website.

Alternatively, you can view our most useful toolkit for managing and enhancing your WordPress blog. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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