Android 4 Theme

4 Android theme

In order to create a new style or design, open the res/values/styles.xml file of your project. Learn how to activate the dark theme in the YouTube app for Android. Let's see how to do that with an Android theme!

In Android 4.0 handsets, Google requires standard Holo theme to gain market share on the Android Market.

The first thing we noticed about Ice Cream Sandwich when Google revealed the SDK for Android 4.0 was that the standard "Holo" theme was directly embedded at the operating system layer. Today, the Zumtobel Group has gone a little further by declaring that the addition of the theme to any Android 4.0 phone will be necessary to gain entry to Google's App suites, complete with Android Market.

Unfortunately this is a good leap forward for texture, but Android Skinners should not announce a win yet. Holo is simply a series of UI widgets as well as designer items that allow designers to create applications. This means that third-party builders will have the opportunity to create a widget or app with the theme, but it definitely doesn't mean that Google will enforce the use of the theme with everyone, least of all vendors.

Holo design is the standard design for any application that doesn't specifically require the standard skins of the devices, which means that the look of TouchWiz, Sense and the like doesn't penetrate so deep into third-party applications unless the developer wants it to.

The Android Messages for Web also has its own redesign of the user interface.

The Android Messages has recently annoyed us with a new materials user surface and a black mode: it has been unrolled, deleted and then rerolled with the latest updates to the application. Now, the web surface follows the example and attracts its own hot look with an even more attractive, upgraded black design.

As I opened Android Messages on the web this mornin', it still had the initial surface that came in June, but after I updated the Android application to v3.5.053 and got the new material look on my mobile I reopened the web release and also saw it there. The surface is very bright as standard, similar to the Android application now, with gray Product Sans type.

Fortunately, there is also a black color that you can activate in the dropdown list on the right. A few may have already taken a look at this upgraded web clients materials API, but the reporting is scarce. It is possible that it was bound to the previous activation in the Android application, or this could just be the progress of a server-side popup that started before.

Since there was some mess and we were not quite concrete enough, we would like to point out that the presence of a black topic in general is not new for the web release of Android Messages. The bright as well as the black user interface were upgraded, but each previously existing in different style.

Now, they both fit to the surface that is available on the newly designed Android Messages UI for Android. An update of the article's content and titles has been made to clarify this differentiation.

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