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Getting to know Marshmallow with Android's Hidden Theme Engine " Android Google has since taken over the RRO design to give vendors the opportunity to add topics to their skininned version of Android. Time to bake 0 Marshhmallow, a fully functioning RRO addition, directly in Android. Of course this means that in the future vendors will be able to design Android according to their wishes, but for us end customers it has even greater effects.

A dedicated independant engineering staff has kept a watchful eye on all this and developed an application named Layers that allows entrenched members to use Marshmallow's integrated theme motor. "It' s unbelievably easy to install and there is already a huge collection of topics - as long as you are deeply entrenched, you can now thematize Android 6.0 and all your applications with it.

For the Layer application to interfere correctly with Marshmallow's RRO Framework, you must have the latest suite of busy box instructions on your machine. Stericson's proven busy box application does not contain some of the newer required instructions, so you have to use another application to use them.

Team Trickster Team On Rails is able to installs all the necessary Team Trickster busy box instructions on marshmallow machines, and it's available for free from the Google Play Store, so go ahead and get it in. After you have finished the installation, you have to use the application to get the latest busy box notifications.

Once you have opened Openusybox On Rails, touch "Grant" in the superuser login prompt and then touch the "Install" icon at the bottom of the window to do this. Here you can deinstall the application if you like, because the real busy box instructions are now permanent on your machine.

Layers Manager is the name of the application that makes the marshhmallow theme possible, and it's available for free from the Google Play Store. Look for the name of the application to install it, or use the following links to go directly to the Downloads page: After installing Layer Manager, open the application and press "Grant" when asked to grant it super-user permission.

Here you are just about to begin to thematize your unit - the only thing you miss now is an applicable design. In the Layer Manager application Hauptmenu, touch the PlayStore button to see some of the available designs. So if you find a theme that looks good for you, just put it in the playlist, just like you're used to with any other application.

Once you have installed a theme from the Play Store, open the Layers Manager application and choose the theme you want to use from the top drop-down box. Scour down a little from here and choose any applications or menu you want to thematize, or touch the "Select all overlays" icon at the top of the screen if you want to thematize everything.

After selecting the UI items you want to use as the theme, touch the Pending Actions buttons at the bottom right of the page, and then click OK when you' re asked to use the theme. As soon as you get up again, your new design will be used. Please note that some Layer/RRO topics are not yet fully compliant with Marshmallow, but they should be resolved with future upgrades.

However, many layer topics can alter the look and feel of system menu, pop-ups, and even third-party applications, giving your whole machine a completely new look. The other great thing about layers is that you can mix and match several designs to get the best overall impression. Simply select the items you want to modify when using the first theme, then restart and use different items from a second theme, and so on.

Which layer topics have you already used?

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