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Are you looking for a boat animation that you have already seen here but can't find anymore? It selects a boot animation zip file from the following locations in the order specified: Boot animation is the loading animation that is played when the device is started. There are two ways to modify your Android boot animation[Android Tip].

Have you ever come across a fun boot animation on a friend's Android machine or a webcast? Indeed, in this article we will show you two ways to make a customized boot animation for your own machine. There' s the tough way - thorough, but that could work on any machine; and the simple way - where you can easily modify your boot animation using an application.

Either requires a root machine. In order to use this approach, you need a root accessible files management application. Launch the root browser (or your files manager) and look for your initial boot animation files ( in /system/media. Long push the button, select Rename and rename it to bootanimation.zip1. Next, navigate to the user-defined boot animation you want to change to and copy the zipped image to /system/media.

Long Press, select Authorization. Subsequently change the name of the zipped archive to bootanimation in case the name of the zipped archive is different. Hint: You have to make sure that the filename is right ( so that the system recognizes your boot animation and starts it correctly. You should now be able to see two zipped archives, one, (new file) and the other is bootanimation.zip1 (original).

Hint: If you ever want to change back to your boot animation, please remove the and change the name of the boot animation to (from bootanimation.zip1). Restart the unit and you can see your new customized boot animation! As the first stage in method #1, load the desired customized boot animation.

Get the boot motion footer here. Find your user-defined boot animation files (in this case ''). Long push the zipped files and select Install. Hint: Filenames like'' should be changed to'' before installation. Once the installation is complete, restart your machine to see your new customized boot animation.

Now you know how to adjust your boot animation.

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