Android Launcher like Ios

Ios like Android Launcher

Upload the background of the iOS folder and save it in a folder you will remember. Use the Nova Launcher and set the icon theme to Cleandroid. The best free iOS-look Android launcher in 2018. Downloads

The Android is a very customizable OS that allows you to customize almost anything. Customize your Android phone at any time with launches, topics, widgets, and more. The Google Play Store has several different types of launcher. They all have different functions and scores and are equipped with a different UI and brand.

If someone using an Android phone wants to keep the look of iOS in their phone, what happens? Check out the following articles to get some of the best Android launcher with iOS-like user interface and styling. xOS-Launcher: xOS is one of the most widely used Android launcher for those who want their Android phone to look like an iOS-based machine.

Several of the fast functions are the easy and light architectural design, the simpler application management like delete and move, a fully adjustable start menu with many topic choices and the ability to add and remove themes, effects, smart widgets, flexibility and much more. A rocket launcher: A launcher is one of the best and most recommendable on our launcher guide.

There are similar functions like the xOS Launcher and some more. This launcher supports spotspotlight searching as well as iOS. ilitauncher i11: This was developed specifically for iOS 11. Your Android phone is equipped with iOS 11 (not necessarily iOS 11, but UI) from the iLauncher it11.

eLauncher comes with many interesting functions like Smart Swipe down searching screens, Beautiful Wallpaper, Custom Symbol Set, Custom Symbol Set, Smart Save, Swipe Save, Pattern Save, iOS Save, iOS Save, iOS Booster, iOS 11 Save, iControl, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iControl, iControl, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS iControl, iOS 11 iControl, iControl, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 Save, iOS 11 iControl, iControl, iControl, iControl, iControl, iLauncher iLauncher and more.

LAUNCHER OS10 for phone 7: The OS10 Launcher for Phone 7 is another such launcher for those who don't want to use the standard launcher that came with their Android phone. Comes with many customization functions such as slider effect, test, symbol, theme and background images. There are other important functions like Quick-Touch, HiDe, Smart Seek, iOS boost and more included. eLauncher OS 10: The eLauncher OS 10 is another replacement for your standard launcher if you don't want it and want an iOS-like look on your Android phone.

iLauncher OS 10's rapid functions include iOS 10 like theme, iOS 10 notification, iOS 10 notification, iOS 10 control centre, iOS 10 light weight, iLauncher OS 10 standard telephone starter, iOS 10 searching and much more.

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