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Hand-drawn Android logo contour. Trademark policies | | | Android Developers Android", the Android logo, the "Google Play" trademark and other Google brands are owned by Google LLC and are not part of the Android Open Source Project available asset. This policy is consistent with and complements the Partner Trading Hub and Googlebrand permission marketing collateral.

Any creative that contains or refers to Android or Google brands must be verified and fully endorsed by the Android brands group. In the following you will find important information on the representation of our brands. Please use the Trade Mark Inquiry Questionnaire to send in your market for verification. Use of the "Android" trade mark on equipment related equipment is limited to Android-compatible equipment only.

Below are policies for the Android label and associated asset that can be used on interoperable equipment. Below are policies for the Android trade mark and related asset items. should have a badge icon when it first enters a design space. Each use of the Android name must incorporate this attribute in your communications:

Android is a brand of Google LLC. Though Android should always be written in capital letters, it is never pleural or possessing. "Android" or anything confusing similar to "Android" may not be used in the name of any application or accessories, such as telephones, tablets, televisions, loudspeakers, headphones, clocks and other appliances. Use " for Android " instead.

False: "Android MediaPlayer" or "Ndroid MediaPlayer" True: "MediaPlayer for Android" "Android TV", "Android Wear", "Android Auto", "Google Pay" and "Android Things" may not be used to identifying or marketing any product or service without first obtaining permission. For Android or with Android, use for all other Android-based applications. Wrong: "Android TV Streaming Stick", "Streaming Stick with Android TV" Correct: "Streaming Stick with Android" When used with your logo, "for Android" or "with Android" should not be bigger than 90% of the height of your logo.

"to Android?." You may use Android as a text word as long as it is followed by an appropriate heading and is not the name of your products, application, or services. Remember "Android" as a concept used instead of "the Android platform". "Wrong: "Android MediaPlayer" or "Android XYZ App" Correct: "Android Features" or "Android Applications" The ANDROID grĂ¼ne robotic device may be replicated and/or altered as long as the following Creative Commons attribute line is incorporated into the creation: "The Android robotic device is replicated or altered from works produced and distributed by Google and used in accordance with the conditions described in Create Commons 3.

They may not submit trade mark registrations for the Android robotic logo or derivative thereof or assert trade mark laws. Googles reserves all trademarks in the Android robots. So we want to make sure that the Android robotic system stays available to everyone. Do not use the Android Robot or a variant of the Android Security Robot (e.g. the Android Security Robot) in your affiliate market.

Except as specifically permitted by Google in a prior letter agreeing, the Android word mark and user-defined font may not be used. The use of the name "Google Play" and the Google Play Store symbol is permitted only in connection with equipment licenced to use Google Work. See Supporting devices for a listing of gadgets licenced to use Google Player.

Application creators who distribute an Android application can use the Google Player badge generation tool to create a visually that can be used in promotional material. All other uses of the Google Plays trademark please refer to the Partner Trading Hub guide and send your enquiry using the enquiry below.

You can use the trademark enquiry forms to file your trademark enquiries or market ratings.

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