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The Android One Launcher from the Xiaomi Mi A1 can be downloaded with Google Feed Enabled. In mid-2017, Android designer Amir Zaidi (who will be taken over by AmirZ on Reddit) released a Google Pixel Launcher roleless portal in mid-2017, which introduced the Google Now panels on the home screens of non-rooted gadgets. This was the first of its kind to do so, and it spawned a new surge of third-party rockets such as Lawnchair and new releases of Nova Launcher with Google Now integrations.

AmirZ this past weeks extract the Android One Launcher - the Android Home monitor pre-installed on Android One machines - from the Xiaomi Mi A1 with a working Google Now feeder and gave us detail on how he did it. There' not much to tell the Android One Launcher apart from the original Google Pixel Launcher.

And the first has a few user interface changes, among them a slightly different looking applications donck, a newly designed apple tray, and the Google search toolbar in a new place. Regarding the way AmirZ made the changes, the methodology was very easy and essentially the same as the one XDA Senior Member had used to get the Google Pixel Launcher with the Google Now screen to operate all machines.

Since the Android One Launcher keeps the same pack name as the source one, it can get information from the Google app, allowing it to connect to and view the Google Now panels. It doesn't work on any devices - not without the launcher build as a Debuggable Android System app.

The modified AmirZ does a few things, among them the possibility that the program lets Android manage its own protocols. You can define this in the AndroidManifest.xml that contains a number of settings for the application: AmirZsimply simply re-signed the app with a new one ( because it can't get Google's initial Android One Launcher key) and repackaged it after the modification was made.

If you want to install the Google Pixel Launcher or Android One Launcher, you can get the updated Launcher below, but you need to make sure you don't already have it there.

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