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Designs and skins for Android devices. The Buzz Launcher is the epitome of adaptation in Android. Topics, modes, backgrounds und set-ups for Android It' s this creepy season of the year again and so we are legally obliged to hold a Halloween competition. No matter if you're looking to celebrate your favorite pumpkin, monster or skeleton at your party, everything is all right. The only thing that has to be qualified for this competition is a clear haloween feeling, whether it's the pictures, the color scheme used, or something completely different, depends on you.

However, a small remark: even though there are many different kinds of costs at the time of Christmas, it is not enough to have a topic with spider man under the cover of "A haloween costume". You should be aware that this is a topic for your holiday without having to make the necessary explanations.

The entry must be a seperate entry and marked as [contest]. Make sure your topic is clear enough to be thematized / inspires your halloween outfit. Must be your creations. Do not change available topic data sets. You must submit a new design, you can't publish anything you've already divided elsewhere. We expect you to make available all the ressources used to create the topic, with the sole exceptions of the KLWP/Theme itself.

The best Android starters of 2018

Apple creators provide an unbelievably wide range of choices to customise your Android mobile with launches that range from minimal skins to those that bring an explosion of colour to your mobile.... With a good launch you can give your mobile a complete overhaul, from modifying the look and feel with different symbols and themes to add new features like intelligent folder and searching wizards.

Now that Android Oreo is available on a rapidly expanding range of mobile handsets and the Pixel Launcher gets a new look with last year's Pixel 2, here's a look at some of the best Android launches on the shelves. If you don't have a pixel telephone, you can take advantage of some of the latest Android Oreo styled functionality with the free and opensource Lawnchair family.

The Lawnchair offers a mostly stocked event that reflects the Pixel launcher with its Oreo short cuts and application notice dogs. While BlackBerry is almost out of the woods playing, it still makes a big step towards Android softwares. BlackBerry launcher is designed to work with BlackBerry Hub+, which brings all your email, text messaging and other alerts together in one place for fast retrieval and answer.

Gather the launch and hubs together to try them out, even if you don't have a BlackBerry mobile with you. There is no need to have a telephone made by Asus to get the look that the business has created for its mobile phones. With the ZenUI Intro you can stick to a certain colour scheme and put your applications in the tray according to categories if you want to keep things orderly.

On the Manage Home page, telephone customisations and system preferences are easily accessible, and a tap opens a browse toolbar, commonly used applications and people. While other launch vehicles can provide custom visualizations, the AIO Launcher is all about presenting as much information as possible on your monitor in a relatively sparse form.

Whilst the AIO Launcher is free, in-app purchase allows you to enable other functions such as widget assistance, application symbols and Android alerts in the home page streams. At that time, the ADW launch was a laughably good and multi-purpose launch, even though it was finally left behind as it was languishing without updating.

Type ADW launcher 2, which will bring the application back to the forefront as a contemporary Android launch. The ADW Launcher 2 provides a host of functions and adjustment possibilities, such as a dynamic colour surface built on your background image, an Indexed Apple Tray, transition, symbol hadges, Apple categorisation and more. New Android functions are also supported, for example Apple short cuts in Android 7.1.

The Evie Launcher offers you a neat, minimalistic set-up that is very similar to the standard Android. Real-time background backup, a customized application Dock and other functions allow you to optimize your home display and application tray to your heart's desire. Furthermore, Evie adds new functions and optimizes them, such as extended linguistic supports and the customization of application drawers and folders.

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