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1.6.1 Color Box 2 In 1 Subject. Below is a list of amazing themes that can be applied to any Android smartphone. When you work with Android designs and support library, you've probably seen all these names at some point and wondered:.

In the past six months of 2016, climbers have opted for APUS productions. I cried because my beloved dark theme was gone.

Key Topics of the Year 2016: Android Topics

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You must publish the resource used to create your design. The OC KWGT/KLWP/Zooper file is a "product", not a resource, and is released at the creator's option. They have 2 hrs from the date of filing to publish your resource in a top-level commentary period. 3) No booking of .apks. 4 ) No low expenditure / poor contribution qualit.

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All[ Promotion] contributions must be self contributions with app description. Publish topics with your applications as usual. We' re here to make our telephones the way we like them!

Create your own themes for your own Sun.....

I' m creating this manual for those who want to create their own designs for Samsung devices. Samsung My Thema, a piece of computer programming by Samsung, is used for this purpose. My Samsung Theme software, it has the following system requirements: - This is a Samsung machine with a Samsung themme engine. - Android SDK for Android 4. 4 or higher should be on your computer.

  • Java JDK 1.6-7 release 0 (not 8.0). Downloads of the necessary softwares. My Samsung My Thema can be downloaded here: 2. 2 Java JDK & Android SDK Downloads. Android SDK currently does not work with JDK 8.0. - Just dowload the Android SDK (version 4.4 only), use the dowload. ask scripts in the working directory (it will dowload the whole SDK automatically) or you can dowload it here manually: directory on your computer.

Go to the Samsung_My_Theme directory and go to the /sdk directory. In the /sdk directory, copy the file as described below: As soon as the application is downloaded, click Change design. 1 Set the right screen size for your unit. It will ask you to pick your unit solution, if you do not know it, just look for the specifications of your Samsung unit and you will find it.

When all this is done, pick a name and a save location for your theming. Once you have created the themes files, you will need to create your own ressources. You will see a pop-up, browse to your image and click Open. You can use the adjustment tool on the right to trim, rotate, resize, or trim your image to match the display on your machine.

Press "+" to choose the picture you want to use as the symbol for the application you want to modify. If you leave a case blank after you have installed the design on your machine, the bearing symbol will be used. Navigate to your local Samsung MyTheme directory, you should see an appk called " MyThemePreview. apk" files, choose it, connect your unit to your computer and move the . appk files to your unit.

If you use a web browsing application on your machine, choose the appk from your favorite program and follow the instructions for installing it. - go now to Preferences > About Devices, tap the 10 fold build number, go back to the Preferences, and now you should see a new item called "Developer Options", click the page frame and activate the flash drive debug mode.

Permit all pop-ups on the unit. automatic. When you like your themes, choose the desired files, click on the " button and then on " Pack age the ASCII files ", a new pop-up will appear, a name for your themes, a name for your themes, a name for your packages, etc..... This will take some getting the APK files created, based on the resource you are using.

As soon as it is ready, you can directly use the design on the unit or copy it from the working directory and /out. You' ve created your own topic from your own resource.

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