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The Android Update

Obtain the latest Android updates available for you. Tap System Advanced System Update near the bottom of the screen. You see your update status.

9 pie Android

The Android 9 uses the force of AI to give you more from your mobile phones. The Android 9 will adapt to you and the way you use your mobile and learn your settings. Our experiences get better and better over the years and keep things going smoothly and longer. The Adaptive Battery teaches you how to use your telephone so that the applications and utilities you don't use so often are not lit.

Don't be concerned about your change in luminosity - your mobile will learn how to adjust it and adjust itself accordingly. Relics brings your favourite application parts to the forefront. The next times you look for Lyft, you can see pricing and rider EBITDAs directly in your results. Change between applications and get what you need in a natural way by using gesture instead of button.

We present a series of utilities to help you understand how to use your telephone and make any necessary changes. Gain a better overview of how often you use your mobile device. See how many alerts you get, how much you invest in applications, and how often you review your mobile device.

Establish a day plan to get your telephone up and running. While your monitor disappears in grayscale, Do Not Disturb turns off the notification for a good night's rest. Android 9's new barrier-free menus make popular activities such as taking pictures and one-handed navigation much simpler for motor-impaired people. Now Android 9 has added OCR for S2S in camera and images to make the text even more easily available.

The Batteriesaver keeps your charging going longer than ever by turning off functions such as the Always-On screen. Adapter battery: It uses automatic tutorials to tell you which applications you'll be using in the next few lessons and which you won't, so your mobile only charges the batteries for the applications that matter to you.

Adaptive Brightness teaches your mobile how to adjust the intensity of your display in different light conditions and does this on your mobile monitor in the course of their use. You will now see suggestions in the Preferences for restricting certain applications that consume too much power so that you have more complete command of your power pack. Multicamera support:

Android 9 now allows designers to have a immersive experience with streaming from two or more digital stills, e.g. on equipment with dual-front or dual-back digital stills. Externally supported camera: Now Android 9 works with UVC / UNABLE cameras on certain peripherals. Gain a glimpse of how much you' ve used your mobile handset every day, how often you use different applications, and how many alerts you receive.

Slow down: Define a day plan to get your mobile home up and running. Greyscale displays the grey part of the display, while Do Not Disturb turns off alerts for a good night's rest. You can use the application timer to define your own timeout for your applications. Supports device with clipping to take advantage of available display area.

Supports 18:9 and higher ratio units and units with screen notches. More than one user on devoted devices: With Android 9, it' snap for end user to easily access and control a common machine, which is advantageous for shifts or open workstations. Now you can visualize the separation of your work applications. Touch the Work Tab to view work applications in one place and turn them off with a quick switch when you return from work.

Move OTA Upgrades ("Over-the-Air"): With Android 9, IT administrators can now set up a 90-day retention period for IT assets in their fleets that do not update the Android operating system. In this way it is ensured that the condition of the equipment remains unaltered even during crucial times such as vacation. Several Bluetooth connections:

Android 9 lets you plug in up to five wireless connectivity products and move smoothly between them. Received call is sent to all attached wireless phones that can receive it, so you never miss a call. With Android 9, headset playback is supported with full featured delayed listening, so videos on your unit and music on your earphones can always remain in sync. Android 9 also supports a headset with full playback and playback capabilities.

Storage per unit of wireless technology: Now Android 9 saves the last adjusted level for each of your wireless phones. HDR: Android 9 has built-in HDR VP9 Profile 2 capability, so you can view HDR-enabled films on YouTube and Google Play movies. Enhanced power and high-definition audiophile features for cleaner, crisper, richer music.

Now Android 9 support HEIF images on the Android platforms to enhance image compressing and minimize memory requirements. Message applications can now deliver proposed "smart answers" in the alert so you can react with a single key. Managing notifications: Now you have a fast way to turn off alerts from a number of applications so you only get the ones that help you.

You will also receive a intelligent command prompt when you remove certain alerts whether you want to continue to receive them or not. It'?s Android backups: With Android 9 you can encrypt Android backup files with a client-side key (device PIN, sample or password) for more protection. Allows Android to run Biometrics Command Prompt: With Android 9, Android is introducing a number of new secure capabilities, among them a standardised biometric authentification query to enable a more robust authentification environment in Android.

The Android Protected Confirmation: Now, on compliant HW, applications can use the user interface driven by the secured HW to get your acknowledgement for a sensible transactions, such as a purchase. Now, on interoperable hard drives, applications can take full advantage of tamper-proof hard drives to help keep their personal keys safe, making it more difficult than ever for viruses to hijack their login information.

With Android 9, you can protect your private sphere in a number of new ways. Now Android limits your telephone's ability to connect to the mic, cameras or other sensory devices when an application is idle or runs in the back. Keep the message on your telephone when an application needs to connect to a device.

With Android 9, there are also important enhancements that help secure all web communication and enable personal web-browsing. Greater consistency in Quick Settings usability with all toggle functions, as well as an enhanced look and feel and an additional informative sub-text. Redesign Android's system navigator to simplify searching and switching between applications.

Move up from anywhere to see a full-screen preview of the most recently used applications, move your mouse pointer over the applications to the right and right to move smoothly between them, and touch one to skip in. Actions app tells you what to do next depending on your contexts, and shows this directly on your mobile to save you a lot of work.

You can display your favourite applications' clips in various places, such as Google Search.

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