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Ángelfire is a great place to create a website and host it, with free and paid hosting packages. All you need to know about visiting Angel Fire, New Mexico: visitor guides, events calendar, photo gallery, maps and more! Wellcome to the official website of Angel Fire, New Mexico Village Government.

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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

Ángelfire is an online company that provides free and chargeable website content. Lycos is the owner of this site, which is part of. Working separate from, Angelfire provides functions such as Blogbuilding and a Photogallery creator. Also, it does support, only for paying members, CGI scripting that has been done in Perl.

Though Angelfire and Tripod are separated ministries, they still divide much of the same basic piece of code, such as the blogsuite. The Angelfire site was established in 1996 and was initially a website creation and medicinal translation agency combination.[2] Finally, the site abandoned the translation agency and concentrated exclusively on website web sitehosting and only offered paying memberships.[2] The site was acquired in 1997 by Mountain View, California, WhoWhere, which in turn was acquired in 1998 by Lycos SEO.

As Lycos has already provided free website hosted services with advertisements through the takeover of, Angelfire's offer has been amended to be equal with Tripod, adding an extra amount of advertisements as well as more hard drive storage. Up until May 2004, Angelfire provided prepaid emails (as Mailcity Cobrand) under the domains, but this function was superseded by Lycos domains via Lycos domains for the Premium user only.

In September 2010 Angelfire got a comprehensive design update. Reprogrammed entirely with HTML5 markup, it now advertises Angelfire SiteBuilder as the most important web publisher of all. Traditional Web Shell is still running, but only available to members with funded schedules.

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