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Animated JS templates are just like complete Flash websites with animation, but there is no Flash in them. Complete JavaScript animated templates At all times, we strive to provide you with the best templates for your website. Let us now present the new family of products we have added to our listing - Full JavaScript Animated Templates. A JS Animated Template What is a JS Animated Template that you can ask? Now, the point behind them is that they look like they are full flash sites, except there is no flash in them.

They are the complete page templates, which do not contain Flash animations, but JavaScript-based instead - this creates stunning dynamic and makes the templates appear very easy. Well, the major benefit is that if you're not a Flash enthusiast, JavaScript animated templates are the right way for you because they substitute Flash with a lightweight piece of coding and make it possible to preserve the motion graphics as well as Flash.

Please also keep in mind that this kind of templates is a mixture of JavaScript and HTML, so you don't need any special tools to work with JS Animated Templates. Select from these fantastic new templates here or browse the Complete JavaScript Animation Templates section to find the website templates that are right for you.

Do you need a WordPress-based website? As part of our services, the topic is transformed into WordPress to enable simple and smooth page administration. - In 6 standard pages that have been translated to WordPress.

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Animations are the fast representation of a succession of pictures that produce an illusion o f moving. This effect is an optic delusion of agitation generated by the phenomena of seeing and can be obtained in various ways, the most frequent being a movie or film. Animations are discussed before the web starts and improve visually, and in many cases animations are used to emphasize the surface.

Today, not only is Animation part of the website contents, it is a basic characteristic that is indispensable for better website interactions. With the introduction of CSS3 in most popular browser and device, we have seen an important development in motion control technology. Besides infinite JavaScript-controlled library for motion graphics, this site is really stunning; animated technology is spreading thanks to Canvas, SVG, CSS3, WebGL... The last big thing is the standardization of mandatory and declared motion graphics via web motion graphics to combine SVG and CSS functionality.

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