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Those seven deadly sins serve as archives, and in them you find a theme. Over 100 best anime intros and opening themes of all times. Fantastic anime introductions are often just as important as the show itself. That means that many anime introductions switch from year to year - not only optically, but also music-wise. What makes a good anime introduction?

Maybe the perfectly done introduction is a mirror image of the emotion you get when you watch the show.

It' almost impossibly to say that a one-anime introduction is the best ever, but one of those apertures must be #1. Check below to cast your votes on this extensive anime introduction that includes everything from Naruto and One Piece to Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop. Remember, you can put your favourite introduction on this page if it's not already here!

Though there are more than 150 possibilities below, of course that's not all, so please include any good anime introductions that may have been forgot.

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In order to pursue the way of enchantment, one needs a certain issue (issue, issue, issue, item or subject). Acedia, Invidia, Avaritia, Gula, Luxuria. The seven mortal sinners function as archives, and in them one finds a thread connected with this archives. You' re talking about the thing that's furthest away from you.

That which is further away from one's own sanity thus constitutes real "magic". The majority of humans will select an archive and subject that is opposite to what their personalities are, since it seems simplest for them to use, since magics are inherently irrational, in other words, they must think in a way that contradicts themselves.

It is shown that Superbia's archive possesses magic that can mirror other magic, or magic that can domineer or delete it. For this archive stands for "pride" and shows by nature character features of dominion. This theme gives you the possibility to copy and delete other magic. Kasuga/Astral Trinity (Main) - selected by Aarata as a target to "rule over one's own destiny" and not as a Demon King to demolish the planet.

The theme provides a gateway to the Gehenna Scope magical experience, which primarily concentrates on reflective and scannable magical experiences. We do not know the detail of this subject and the kind of enchantment it can bring forth. Radix Astille also suspects that he has feelings or affection for him because she is his gratoire who assisted him in his research on the subject.

While the first theme is composed with one person, other themes are composed with two persons. He expresses his desire to take and loving everything in the universe, to consume the universe. So far, the user of this archives has shown skills that aim to significantly destroy their environment, making Arin's skills one of the most devastating of their kind, but they are not restricted to simple demolition, allowing entry of obstacles and the like.

The theme revolves around the use of Chaotic Rune spells, which allow the player to summon the forces of the deities, especially the Nordic ones, through the use of Rune spells. Users can use this force both aggressively and in a defensive way. Victory - When Arin's Demon Spear Gae Bolg is turned into God's King (Odin's) Spear Gungnir with Limit Release, she will receive this additional theme with the assistance of Yuis Arc Symphony.

It' one of Hijiri's extra themes. It' one of Hijiri's extra themes. It' a subject given by Yui to be in the Ira archive. Concordia, "Tuning" All three of Acedia' hitherto shown players have used forces that seem to concentrate on magic that can alter outer spaces, such as Teleportation and "Binding", and it also seems that over the course of their lives they may have an impact themselves.

The Logos Arts are used by both artists, albeit with different themes, which means that this is the dominating type of magics in Acedia. His " Last Coat of Arms " is Baal Peor, " Zeitriss ", which allows the wearer to decelerate almost to a standstill the moment, giving him an indisputable edge in combat, but instead he is trapped forever in this universe of ultra-high speeds, without outside help.

The theme allows the use of the magical "Chrono Calculation" of the "Logos Arts", which seems to primarily allow the users to remotely calculate their own position in space-time. Obviously it can also be used to help others absorbed the magical and researching things of other humans and thus take a "shortcut" to improve their own.

Sherlock Lieselotte (Main) - When they are young, Liese is described by her younger brother as "can't keep still", always looking for something. The theme allows the use of "Secret Numbers Art" of the "Logos Arts", which allows the users to primarily tie other goals. Sherlock Selina (Main) - Just like her older brother Selina is described by her younger brother as "cannot be bound".

This is a topic that Yui has specified as being in the Acedia archive. This archive seems to be about magical shamanism and sorcery, so this archive includes technologies like Nujutsu. The theme allows the use of magical shamanism. It allows the player to create delusions and/or alter the winds, which Levis complements in a very practical way, up to a point where it can become obscure whether she uses her magical or physical abilities as a ninja.

Levi Kazama (Main) - Levi "never has expectations" of others. "Honesty " - Lugh's theme, allows her to move at the velocity of thought, known as High Velocity Luminescence magic. Up to now the magics of this archive seem to concentrate on taking others into their own territories or the worlds that they can freely alter, alternative it could be the use of delusions.

The theme allows the use of Yui's bowmphony. Yui uses this kind of magical power to deliberately alter others through songs, to create an illusion or to put others to sleep and bring them into their own dreams. It is able to bring people's corporeal body into the dreaming realm and thus protect them from dangers in the corporeal underworld.

Iui Kurata (Main) - Yui sleeps in her dreams and she doesn't know if what she sees is true or just a vision. This is a topic that Yui has specified as being in the Avaritia archive. This is a topic that Yui has specified as being in the Avaritia archive. This archive's magic seems to revolve around one's own emotion and focus it primarily on the manifestation of outside beings or the strengthening of one's own physicist.

Mantra Enchantment is an enchantment work in which runses are used above the user's own bodies, to strengthen them and/or to manifest their powers in outer shapes such as Arata's dragons. His strength is directly linked to the emotion of the users, the more strong they are, the more strong the users are.

Sanctus, the "Holy" archive of Luxuryas, seems to have a large number of themes that revolve around lives and spirits, especially alchemy, the laws of equal exchanges, and forces that use everything in their way without mercy. It is a theme that symbolises dark and nothing, capable of consuming all creature and returning to nothing.

Like all seven archive, the quintessence of magic can be completely deleted by this force. The theme allows the use of a magic known as External Alchemy, which allows the player to make weapon ry for his own use through equal exchanges regulations. This is a theme given by Yui and can be found in the Luxurious Archive.

Described by Hijiri as a very perilous and old "Lost Theme" that would cause the player to enter the world of doom that even Arata and his associates can devour. Baltan in manipa doesn't really exists, so it was said in the anime that it is Partum (even without subtitles).

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