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Cash register high quality anime wallpapers for Android, PC & Mac, Laptop, Smartphones, Desktop and Tablets with different resolutions. And if you love Manga & Anime and want to personalize your Windows Phone Lock screen, this is the perfect app for you! Download free hd wallpaper, images &

pictures of anime, photos for your desktop. Everything to do with Japanese cartoons, including manga, anime and visual novels. Now choose your favorite HD backgrounds, cool natural backgrounds, great illustrated wallpapers for your mobile and desktop devices!

60 beautiful anime and manga backgrounds

Anime-a term used to describe animation that originates from Japan is one of the most beloved kinds of strip art that has a great fanfare. Animated people have a very unique styling, something that differs from their US companion cartoons and comics. Anime, which has attracted much more attention than before, has seen the fan base grow over the years to exponential proportions, readily apparent through convention and other animated happenings emerging around the globe.

Since our last contribution, which focused on anime wallpaper, was some time ago, I will present another lot of anime wallpaper for this item, all of which are approved as secure for work.

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Anime and Manga and want to personalise your Windows Mobile Speaker Locker display, this is the ideal application for you! WALLPAPER 2.0#### This is a complete new application, many new features have been added, e.g: - Background-Image - Choose which background images you want on your locking screens - Store your favorite backgrounds directly on your mobile device!

  • Select the refresh period of the locking screens - Select the order of the picture updates - New user interface - New anime: SAO, Attack on Titan, FMA, Death Note ##ANIME WALLPAPER 2.0## With more than 250 available wall papers, divided into different catagories (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, SAO...) you will never get weary! Simply select the anime you like and the application will modify the locking screens for you!

You don't have to be worried about your web access because all these wallpapers are completely off-line! PLEASE NOTE: For an error in Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8 backgrounds (such as the locking screens changer) only work if there is an available Wi-Fi or phone line, even if you are not using it to work (such as this app!).

Sadly I can't do anything, we have to await an operating system up-date. Updated: In WP 8.1 this error does not exist anymore.

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