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In 1998 I was one of the most famous people on the Internet - when I vanished.

There once was a case of seven million humans watching everything I did, and that seemed completely natural. When I started my program on August 22, 1997, seven million viewers saw it every day the following year. In spite of the fact that I was one of the oldest online star of online community in the world, fortunately few still recall who I am.

Already in 1997 I was suffering from paralyzing angoraphobia, but I was longing to divide my artwork with as wide an public as possible. At least it felt like it was in 1997. Most of the time that the drive of the common web is an all-encompassing wish to say hello, I only realized this when I was in my Chatroom (then known as IRC or IER).

There were at least 75 persons in the chats at that point and at least 15 different nationalities. In this era, socially minded communication gives us the delusion that we are all seen and heared. Instead, we simply divide too much until everyone is totally stunned or in such a state of anger, desperation and desperation that soft medias make humans ill quite literally physical, mental and spiritual.

Folks would tell me I should know my place. As early as 1997 I stated that "privacy is in the mind". It didn't matter to me whether they knew about me personally or whether they were looking at my bare physique. A lot of guys have been writing about my work, but I don't think they understand what I'm trying to do.

And I wanted to destroy all the archeotypes that folks thought of me - like the idea that I was a stupid fairy, for example - by cutting her up from the inside out. However, I can say that I have come with more attention through the other side of the telescope and I recognize that I am not only the one being observed:

Sharing such things of a private nature with me.

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