Annual Church Themes

Yearly Church Topics

Articles on annual church topics by Peter Horne. Not the kingdom, but a small view of the kingdom. Aim of the topic: Aim of the topic: In this year we will concentrate on the proofs and acts that mark a good living on the rock of Jesus Christ. Homily titleSunday evening at 18:00 h Buildings with understanding: Eight for suddenly you were dark, but now you are in the Lord and you are full of sun.

Go as sons of candlelight 9 (for the fruits of candlelight are found in all that is good and right and true), 10 and try to know what is right for the Lord. But when something is uncovered by the lamp, it becomes manifest, 14 for all that becomes manifest is lamp.

That is why it says: "Awake, O sleeping man, and rise from the grave, purpose of the subject: The topic this year differs from earlier years because the focus is on our own individual ethical decisions. It is a challenging issue for all of us to ask: Where do I need to make changes in my own lives to be a greater bright spot in the underworld?

In order to work more carefully to find out what pleases the Lord in all things, especially in ethical decisions. PIease take a look at the subject hours on a regular basis and make your plan to be part of this particular work. Preaching on the subject: Every two months we will give a homily focusing on a subject proposed by our thematic verses.

Title of sermonSunday evening at 18:00 h Schl├╝sselvers: Do not be afraid of them and do not be alarmed, 15 but in your heart honour Christ the Lord as sacred and always be ready to defend anyone who asks you a cause for trust which is in you; but do it with meekness and reverence, cross-references:

Aim of the topic: At the center is the trust we have in Christ. Lectures and actions are structured to illuminate this promise and further affirm what we believe and why. Another point of attention will be to teach others through the right mind (gentleness and respect) in an effective way, accordingly the topic will concentrate inwardly (understanding our hope) and outwardly (explaining our belief to anyone who asks).

Preaching on the subject: Every two months we will give a homily focusing on a subject proposed by our thematic verses. In the first two lesson we concentrate on the passages, followed by three units that investigate the basis of the belief we are to uphold. The following lesson will look at how we can be prepared to divide our hopes or clarify issues of what we believe and why.

Sunday night at 18:00.

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