Favorite alternatives to anonymoX for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux and more. So AnonymoX is an initiative for anonymization on the Internet. Aim is to restore the right of users to anonymity on the web.

Download our free Firefox or Chrome add-on and enable it.

Download our free Firefox or Chrome software additive and enable it. You can find more information on our Premier website. A free add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome and a free service that gives you instant and easy entry to more of our programs. With our add-on, your browser's data is redirected through one of our many different proxyservers, thereby concealing your true Internet Protocol (IP).

You can also use our add-on to block your browser's referring browser and avoid the disclosure of your personal information by a cookie. In addition, I must tell you that when we get a bill, we must give all the information you need to track it. Our only information we gather is anonymized statistical information about how we distribute our proxies to our users, which is used to customize our own internal network infrastructures.

We do not gather this information by default, but only when you activate the checkbox in your add-on. However, we are subject to Germany's legal system, so in the event of a change in the applicable laws, we would have to provide the information available to us for further information on ordering, paying for and activating your subscription.

Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the basic human freedoms of West European and North American states.

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So AnonymoX is an online anonymisation campaign. Our goal is to re-establish the right of anonymous web use. The majority of sites track their users' behavior so that site operators can analyse overall site behavior and generate granular profile views that are often resold to third people.

Criticism of free expression on the web is manifested in oppression by state or non-governmental organisations. An increasing number of government agencies are censoring web sites on the pretext of parental control, breach of copyrights or the prevention of terrorist attacks, thereby restricting free expression. Also, block user due to their origins with GeoIP blocks is often used, e.g. on multimedia platform such as YouTube. anonymoX allows you to block your user's....

The proxy conceals your real web ID and makes it look like you're not, but the proxy is currently browsing the site. anonymoX is more than just an add-on. Authentication and counterfeiting of countries is carried out via an authentication net. There are many server in each of the countries on your countries page.

When you use the anonymisation net of anonymoX free of charge, this is only possible because you take part in the financing of the servers via ads only. To use the anonymisation net and the add-on without advertising or restrictions you need anonymoX Premium. if you are concerned about proper function and anonymous use.

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