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The Apk Manager is a lightweight free apk installer and uninstaller. The APK Manager is a simple, lightweight tool that allows you to manage the applications you have installed on your Android, including making backups or using your APK files for installation. Manage your android.apk collection! For Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Lenovo and all other Android phones, tablets and devices, download Apk Manager APK (latest version).


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Android APK Manager 1.0.5 for Android

The APK Manager is a light, easy to use utility that allows you to manage the apps you have on your Android, back them up or use their APKs for installation. The APK Manager creates backups of the APKs of all your application programs so that you can use the same APK later.

APK Manager is a very easy interface: it consists of two pillars, one for the installation of apps and one for the uninstallation. The APK Manager is a basic tool that allows you to easily deploy any arbitrary program on your Android using only the application's APK.

APC Manager Ver 5.0 - Makes changes to Ur Apc.....

Java is already on my system, but when I run the scripts, I get it:

Useful Other Business Software

Organise your android.apk donation! You can use this software to organise your (legally acquired) android.apk filesystem. Among the functions are retrieving information and playing store screen shots from each apk archive and saving them off-line for later view. It was in the third archive in the Apollo.apk queue that it was blocked and Apollo.apk I'm sure that apk....

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IMS is a feature-rich workflow tool for managing your electronic files that creates and maintains video, image and document files in a single area. CleanPix lets you manage, organise and divide your brands with seamless, cost-effective controls. Offering high-performance, Web-based solutions for managing your digital, trademark, and multimedia asset base, this web-based application enables your customers to manage your files across your gallery, whether they' re privately or publicly owned, and facilitates the delivery of your files across your network....

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