Aplikasi Google Chrome

Google Chrome Aplikasi

How to get and use Google Chrome - Computers Chrome is a free, high-speed web browsing application. Prior to downloading, you can verify that Chrome is supporting your OS and that you have any other system needs. Please dowload the installer files. Once you have selected Saving, double-click the downloaded files to begin the install. Launch Chrome: A Chrome screen will open once everything is done.

Win 8 & 8.1: Press Next to choose your standard web browsers. A Chrome pane will open after everything is done. Chrome can be made your standard web navigator. When you have used another web browsers such as IE or Safari, you can export your preferences to Chrome. However, if you are having trouble getting Chrome from your Windows computer, you can try the alternative links below to get Chrome to another computer.

From a computer plugged into the World Wide Web, browse to the Chrome installation program and try downloading the alternative Chrome installation program. Drag the downloaded Chrome to the computer on which you want to place it. Please open the installation wizard and obey the installation screen. When you get to the standard downloading page, that's standard. As soon as you have downloaded the files, you can transfer them to another computer.

Please dowload the installer files. Go to the googlechrome.dmg. page. Search in the Chrome pane that opens. In the Applications subfolder, drop Chrome. And if you don't know the administrator passphrase, drop Chrome in a place on your computer where you can make changes, such as your desk top. Chrome, open it. Click Eject on the side bar to the right of Google Chrome.

When installing Chrome, use the same piece of Chrome installer you use to run your computer. Please dowload the installer files. Select Package to be installed. Chrome will be added to your Chrome application to keep it up to date. In order to be able to use Chrome under Windows, you need: In order to use Chrome on Mac, you need: In order to use Chrome on Linux, you need:

Attempt to uninstall and reinstall Chrome to troubleshoot issues with your SEO, Flash, Popup, or Chrome upgrades.

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