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Upload VidMate, WhatsApp Messenger, Google Play and more. The Android News Blog, which deals with Android App Reviews, the best Android Apps, Top App Lists for games, productivity, business and more. android. app | | Android Developer Android applications are designed with one or more of the four key applications of Android. Activities and services.

Both the other parts are taken from the android. contents package: It is an app that provides a display with which the user can interactively do something, such as dialling the telephone, taking a picture, sending an e-mail, or displaying a card.

A single action can launch other actions, as well as actions that take place in stand-alone apps. It is also an important part of the overall styling of an appliance - especially when it comes to large format displays such astables. Part of the behaviour of an action, which includes its user interface, is defined by a part. They have their own life cycle which is similar to that of action and may coexist with other fragmentary elements immersed in action.

Whilst an action is in progress, you can insert and delete pieces and put each piece in a backstack administered by the action - thus enabling the operator to backward through the piece states without exiting the action. ActionBarA Elementary symbol bar within the action, which can show the action name, task levels navigational options, and other interactivity elements.

TabThis category has been obsolete in API 21 by now. Navigational menus in the actions pane are obsolete and are not available in the actions panes in the ribbon area. ActivityAn Activity is a singular, focussed thing that the end user can do. ActivityGroupThis Klasse was obsolete in level 13 of the API. Instead, use the new Fragment and FragmentManager APIs; these are also available on older plattforms through the Android interoperability pack.

These classes provide information about and interact with your actions, processes, and related information. TaskDescriptionInformation that you can configure and call about the actual action in the actual to-do lists. ActionOptionsHelper classes for creating an option bundle that can be used with Context. startActivity (Intent, Bundle) and related functions. AlarmManagerThis category provides system alert service support.

ActionStub alias that starts another action (and then exits itself) on the basis of information in the metadata that manifests its part. ApplicationBase Grade for maintenance of the overall status of the appliance. DialogBase for dialogs. DialogFragmentThis clas has been obsolete in level 28 of the API. Utilize the Support Library dialog fragment for consistency of behaviour on all machines and life cycle accessibility.

QueryThis class can be used to filters downloaded managers requests. RequestThis class contains all the information necessary to get a new file to be downloaded.

FragmentThis clas has been obsolete in API levels 28. Utilize the support library fragments for consistency of behaviour on all machines and life cycle accessibility. FragmentContainerThis clas has been obsolete in level 28 of API. FragmentManagerThis category has been obsolete in level 28 of API. The FragmentManager support library is used for consistency of behaviour on all machines and life cycle accessibility.

InstrumentationBase Grade for implementation of the user tooling coding. ActivityResultDescription of a Activity execution results to revert to the initial action. It is a basic service for services that process requests asynchronously (expressed as intents) on request. KeyguardManagerClass, which can be used to block and unblock the keypad. KeyguardLockThis clas has been obsolete in the API levels 13.

iconResizerUtility classes to adjust the symbol sizes to the standard symbol sizes. ListActivityAn action that shows a roster of elements by linking to a datasource such as an array or cursor and releasing eventhandler when the enduser selects an element. ListFragmentThis Klasse was obsolete in Level 28. The ListFragment support library provides unified lifecycle and device behaviour over time.

LocalActivityManagerThis category has been obsolete in Level 13 API. Instead, use the new Fragment and FragmentManager APIs; these are also available on older plattforms through the Android interoperability pack. Convenience for the implementation of an action that is exclusively written in it. notificationA category that specifies how a notifications persistence should be presented to the users with the NotificationManager.

Alerts. ActionStructure to enclose a designated operation that can be displayed as part of this alert. BuilderBuilder category for notice. ExtenderWearable ExtenderWearable extenders for notice operations. Alerts. Medium BigPictureStyleHelper classes for creating large-format alerts that contain a large picture appendix. Alerts. Medium BigTextStyleHelper classes for creating large-format messages that contain a large amount of text.

Alerts. BuilderBuilder-Class for notification object. Assistant classes for adding Android Auto enhancements to alerts. BuilderBuilder_class for notification.CarExtender. UnreadConversationA category that contains the unwritten message from a call. Rather than provide a fully user-defined alert, a designer can define this look and still receive system decoration such as the alert head with advanced features and action.

Rather than provide a fully user-defined press release message, a designer can define this look and still receive system decoration such as the advanced options and action messagehead. Alerts. Enables the InboxStyleHelper classes to create large-format alerts containing a string listing (up to 5). Alerts. MediaStyleNotification Styles for messages about your music.

Alerts. MessageStyleHelper category for creating large-format alerts that contain several different kinds of back and forth mails between any number of persons. Alerts. StyleAn item that can be used to set an extensive notice styles for a notificator. Builders objects. Alerts. ExpanderHelper WearableExtender category to attach portable enhancements to alerts. notificationChannelGroupA grouping of associated channel alerts.

NotificationManagerClass, to inform the users about occurring incidents. Configuring the PolicyNotification policies. BuilderBuilder for the unchangeable category individual. Represent ing a range of parameter used to initialise and refresh an image-in-image action. PresentationBase Presentation classes. ProgressDialogThis Klasse was obsolete in the API version 26.

Rather than using this form, you should use a ProgressBar that can be integrated into your app's interface. You can also use a notice to notify the operator of the status of the task. BuilderBuilder classes for RemoteInput object. InfoSearchability metadata searchable for an action. SearchManagerThis category provides acces to the system discovery service.

CallbackListener provided in Activity. setEnterSharedElementCallback(SharedElementCallback) and Activity. setExitSharedElementCallback(SharedElementCallback) and Fragment. setEnterSharedElementCallback(SharedElementCallback) and Fragment. setExitSharedElementCallback(SharedElementCallback) to control the transition of the common elements. TabActivityThis Klasse was obsolete in API levels 13. In order to be able to continue running on older machines, you can use the v4 supports libraries, which provide a copy of the fragment API compliant except for Build.VERSION_CODES.DONUT.

TaskStackBuilderUtility classes for creating synthesized backstocks for cross-task navigating on Android 3. 0 and later. AutomationClass for interaction with the device's interface by simulating users' action and introspecting screens. UiModeManagerThis category provides system mode service accessibility. VoiceInteractorInterface for an interaction action with the users via speech.

AbortVoiceRequestReports reported that the actual interactions with language may not be full, so the app must change to a conventional interface. Reports that the actual interactions have been successfully finished with speech so that the app can notify the end users of the state. OptionRepresents a unique choice that the end users can choose via their vote.

PromptA phrase of greetings that can be used with the speech response system to acknowledge an operation, choose an item, or perform similar actions. RequestBase Grade for speech response queries that can be transmitted to the agent. WallpaperInfoThis category is used to specify metainformation of a given desktop publishing client. WallpaperManagerGives users full control over the system background image.

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