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Now create a stunning Business Free website tailored for Technology & Apps. Complimentary templates for mobile apps on the website. Have you got a launch site for the mobile app for the app that uses this template? They range from iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Desktop Apps. Refer to One Page App Templates.

Apple - Free Website Template for Mobile Apps

When you are a creator with a new development pipeline on the horizon, the free website template for portable applications, Appy, is one you shouldn't miss. Appy drives your applications forward with a contemporary and clear web layout and will help you disseminate the message. This is a one-page website template with all the necessary features and excellent features.

Optimised for top of the line power and blazing speed charging, Appy is a jewel on a par with top of the line originals. Special feature and testimonial section and screenshot section will attract the interest of everyone who lands on your website. The Appy template also has a sophisticated email registration email as well as a blogs section.

One Page App Websites

Yo, look out! Website One Page App Design for your inspirations. Those include iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Desktop Apps. Refer to One Page App Templates. Long scrollable One Pager with a fat typographical font type font for every hour, an iPhone app for recording overtime. Neo landing page idea (for inspiration) created by Ryan McHenry for a fictional ice sports newscast.

The One Pager for Fonty is a web app that lets you view various typefaces on your web-sites. Clear landing page for CleanShot - a macro OS application that will help you grab your desktop without your wallpaper symbols..... Minimum One Pager for Tab Ipsum - a useful chrome extension by Edgard Kozlowski that lets you add Lorem Ipsum text directly to your....

The Clean Landing Page for the Care Cards Web app, which is started via the "Let's Go" pushbutton. One Pager for Tempo - an exciting new minimum e-mail clients of the Founders family. 0266 - Typography Resources, Generative Artistry, Free Signature Font, Productivity Apps Monitor Yo!

More than 27 App Developers website themes & templates

Encouraging applications on-line is not an effortless task; in fact, most of the work will be in bringing the app to market rather than building it. They can also use Mobile HTML5 & CSS3 website template. Don't worry about scratching your brains about how to do it, because with website template for app designers, you should be able to build a breathtaking website in no time at all.

Everything is already set up, all you have to do is get on the boat and give the order. Add screen shots of your applications, add ratings to the page, view pricing charts and even give your users the ability to subscribe - all from the convenience of your home on a unique template.

They can also access free app website template files. You can use the template to either build your own HTML pages or your own Microsoft Office pages, but the functionality remains the same. Featuring a slide control in the template, it can contain high-definition pictures of your application's screen shots and offers a variety of transitions to immediately attract your viewer's interest.

There is also a subscription feature in the template that allows your site visitors to receive newsletter and subscription information from your siteutomatically. You can customize the template to fit your design perfect. Directly from the wallpaper, colour schemes, slide bar positions to dropdown menus, you can customise to provide a truly individual setting for presenting your applications.

So, don't hesitate any longer, select the right template from the list of available choices and build the ideal foundation today.

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