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It' better to download this iPhone Launcher apk full version and get interested in the Apple ecosystem. With the Technic Launcher, you can play your favourite modpacks in no time at all. You can download Sie den Technic Launcher herunter - × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×.

For you, the Technique Launcher takes care of all the hard work. You' ll be able to play your favourite mod pack in a few moments. Discover the technology platform from the right in the Launcher. Locate the most beloved modules of the day and instal them here and there. That' s how you play a brand new mod pack!

This technology platform links creatives, performers and organisers of contents with the gamers. Packages you make pair with your opponents to give you a live communications connection about what you're doing with your package. Gamers will be linked to the event with the package they download and download and installed through the Technic Launcher.

This platform will sort, arrange and place your modules into different catagories according to different stats. Grow a group of gamers to bring your contents into the reach of others and create a fellowship around your modpack. Setup your own lot installation and operate your individual Pro Edition mod pack while you save tonnes of bandwith.

Select your platforms below to download and deploy the Technic Launcher. You' ll be able to play back stunning community-created contents in no time at all! You already have the launcher? Have a look at our catalogue of modpacks!


Desktopscreen, Skype video chat, webcam, HDTV, Java/Flash gaming, other 3-D apps. The user interface for settings of repeated image acquisition has been enhanced. Corrupted some skins when using the DPI scaling options. Corrected other small errors. A magnifying glass feature has been added to resize the rectangular windows. The ' Choose a shooting area' item has been added in OSD mode.

Corrected the repetition function's max timeout to 9999 seconds from 999 seconds. Flip Scan (Vertical) Flip Scan feature of Machine Record Method did not work correctly. Corrected other small errors. It was not possible to create a screenshots in recorder modus. Corrected other small errors.

You can cancel the Find window in the rectangular section by pushing the escape-button. Multiple hotskeys in the "Rectangle on one screen" menus did not work. Corrected other small errors. Drag the draw button to move the rectangular pane. Curser tools in Draw modes did not work in Full Frame shooting modes.

Corrected other small errors. Add curser key in Draw modes so user can click pointer without dragging. The full frame capture around the pointer has been added. Modified the resize select menus in rectangular shooting modes (854x480 -> 448x480, 480x270 -> 480x268). Corrected other small errors.

Add line draw line assistance in Draw modes. The ability to use the Shift button to draw a line that is rectilinear, horizontally or diagonally and a squared line has been added. Always Top was not working when the Add Camera Overbody checkbox was enabled in the rectangular pane. Cannot undo/redo the sequential number in character modes correctly.

Cannot undo/redo the sequential number in character modes correctly. Under certain conditions the NVENC H.264 loss free encoders could not be initialized using the CBR options. Corrected other small errors. Add an item to the cam overview panel to mirror the display horizontally/vertically. Add an item to mirror the display horizontally/vertically in device recording state.

The H.264 (CPU) codec's input power has been enhanced. Cannot reinitialize the recorder under certain circumstances. Corrected other small errors.

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