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General Business Conditions They also recognize and accept the following points: Download PMS Software. "Content " shall include, but is not restricted to, text, images, photographs, sound and video in the forms of, for example, messages, Podcasts, videos und Musik. Disclosure of such content may vary and not all content is available in all file types.

These Terms and Conditions do not give you the right to copy (further), disseminate, create derived works, publish or otherwise use any work. It is explicitly forbidden for you to take part in or facilitate the unauthorised passing on or distributing of contents. LICENSING REGULATIONS. Furthermore, these GTC do not give any right to change the PMS software or to give any right or licence to or to one or more modules or contents of third parties beyond the restricted and explicit consent.

Acknowledging that the unauthorised use of third parties' proprietary information may result in severe liability to you under applicable law, whether in an action of law, statute or otherwise, and that you may be liable for any financial loss or damage if you infringe any copyrights. CONTENTS & APPROVABLE USE. The dissemination of user contents may be associated with the copyrights of third parties. AUTHORIZATION TO USE USER CONTENTS. DISTANCE; NO PRE-CHECK OF USER CONTENTS.

IT' SCOTT. Only you are accountable for the activities that take place on your site and you consent to keep your registration information private and safe. A downgrade of your subscriptions may result in the deletion of your accounts contents, functions or capacities. THIRD CONTENTS. The use of third parties' contents is governed by the conditions of use of the third parties who provide such contents.

These Terms and Conditions do not give you the right to copy, disseminate, create derivative works from, publish or otherwise use any Third-Party Content. It is explicitly forbidden for you to take part in or facilitate the unauthorised passing on or distributing of contents of third parties. PORTABLE USE. Those hypertext sites do not constitute an approval of third parties or third parties' websites or the information, goods or service provided by third parties.

Specific capabilities allow you to sync your contents across third-party platform and network. When you use this feature, you must usually log on to your third-party vendor accounts at your own risk. However, if you do not use this feature, you may not be able to use it. c) You agree and guarantee that (i) the individual who accepts these Terms has the right, title and interest to attach such individual to the Player Account and (ii) he/she has the right, title and authority to ( a ) enter into these Terms, (b) make the relevant and relevant warranties and guarantees included herein and (c) comply with and effect the relevant commitments, undertakings and guarantees specified herein.

arise out of or are in any way connected with your infringement or purported infringement of these Terms and Conditions, your interface software or an infringement or purported infringement of the right (including but not limited to patent, copyright or trade mark rights) of any other individual or organisation by your User Content. If, within thirty (30) working days of the initiation of the arbitral proceedings, the notifying third Party in writing that it is seeking to arbitrate fails to reach agreement on an award ingot, the notifying JAMS shall appoint an awarding JAMS associated awarding JAMS as joint awarding JAMS a third awarding JAMS such awarding JAMS such award.

Except as provided in the above rules of conciliation, any claim to the enforcement of these Terms shall be submitted to the Superior Court of Santa Clara County and the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, and all party to these Terms shall specifically consent to the exclusive venue of those courts.

Click here to cancel your subscription. Content terms, license restrictions, ownership rights, authorization to use User Content, ownership rights, feedback, confidentiality, additional terms and conditions, disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, indemnification (for a one-year term after termination), arbitration, applicable law, security enforcement, injunctive relief, duration and termination, waiver & severability, and entire agreement shall continue in effect after these Terms are terminated for any cause.

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