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That' s how iPod touch is killed... what's the next best thing..


F: Hi folks, I have my new Mac and I want to create my first website......with liWeb dead, what is the next best web builder for a novice like me...? I' d like to create a blogsite to include a few photos and a hyperlink to my tweet site. Let's also assume that Ian really has a newcomer up there on Mac, on iPhone and in the fora.

I say to Ian: ifWeb is very much alive. Is it? As a web hosting company,obileMe is in its agony, but it will still be able to survive for a long time to come. While not the best for a blogs, but still the best thing to do is to get your web site builder to your beginners (wysyiwyg), which is still very useful and completely intuitively designed.

You can try Tumblr or Wordpress for a weblog, which will take charge of website designing and web hosting. I have used it with a Comcast website and it just published well. I' m not making thin journals, but for post a pretty basic website it's pretty good and once I've created it, it's a pushbutton to post the whole thing.

When I was totally new to the whole "build a website" thing, I was kind of looking forward to getting some great tips you gave, so thank you for that.

For your blogs, consider using the free Posterous: ...Even Poststerous can accepts blogs posted via e-mail. Or if you want a free website builder with free web hosting (including blogging), take a look at the browser-based Weebly - you can upgrade your website / your blogs from any Mac or PC.

Sorry for taking over your talk threads, but it's been built up for a long while. I' m really not sure because I'm also pretty new to web designing, but I think the iPhone weblogs only worked native with mobileMe for comment. I' ve been fooling around with one (hosted at GoDaddy - but never implemented) of Flexi Comment.

You can also get the comments links from the blogs. Though Apple has stopped supporting ifWeb ( and iDVD ), it's still around for a while and is starting to work (until the Mac operating system develops enough to no longer supports ifWeb). There' s nothing out there as simple and intuitive as doing this.

It' certainly not as intuitive as it is, but by watching their 5 videos carefully, I have started to keep track and learn HTML/CSS. It' s similar to dropping and dragging, as you are adding and configuring items to the page. I' m using to host my own website, which is presented exactly as it appears on my iPhone monitor.

Blogs also work well. The question is whether a third person can take over the coat in good order and create an iWeb-like look. Hail to your web. Do you say you host an eWeb blogs on a third-party FTP site that allows users to post commentaries? Functions are not available when you publish to a third-party server:

This is a screenshots of the help of your iPhone when you publish to an Internet Protocol (FTP) server: At this time, when the site is directly posted from within eWeb to the third-party publisher's servers, the RSS news reader and slide show subscriptions work. If, however, the Web site is first released in a directory on your computer's hard disk and then sent to the Web site using a third-party Web site to upload it to the Web site itself, both of these functions are interrupted.

Older Frog - Of course, you can use third-party comments, spreadsheets, etc. on third party web pages, which are host by third parties. Create and manage your entire website on and post it directly to via FTP on our website You' re not using the Apple, are you? So you' re writing your own iWeb:

Though Apple has stopped supporting ifWeb ( and iDVD ), it's still around for a while and is starting to work (until the Mac operating system develops enough to no longer allow iWeb). This could take a few years. You can let web b run well beyond its expiry date by building a multi-boot system as long as the computer you' re using still works with the operating system and your computer supporting it. Multi-boot system comprises an inner hard drive with several partitions or disks for different OS/Apps releases, so I don't understand why iwe b would stop working because of the advance. Now you can create multi-boot system on all advanced computer, i.e. Win, Linux and AppleOS.

Ive tried to get a hold and can' t find it anywhere to buy? any proposals...? So what in the world do you have that you can't find anywhere to buy isWeb? It is not possible to use your own version of eWeb - it is part of either the iLife 11 or the iLife 09 boxset.

iLife 11 Boxset is still available at the Apple Retail Store and should also be available for sale at Amazon. Apart from that, the iLife 09 boxset also includes your own copy of your iPhone 09 boxset, which you should also be able to buy from Amazon, and probably at a discounted rate. You can' t buy your iPhone alone - if you want to, you have to buy the iLife boxset.

It' s a working blogs, and very seldom there is a comments (in fact it is quite rare!). F: So does Web die? What's the next best thing for a rookie?

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