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Date e-mail template

Just paid for my new backyard deck! In the past I sent a hundred template e-mails and received no reply. Writing an appointment e-mail? The ability to make, change and cancel appointments is an important skill in Business English.

Email to confirm a new appointment - TimeTap back office

Three different possible new date verification e-mails are available to customers. What e-mail you get will depend on the kind of appointment(s) you have (one-off or recurring) and who sets up the appointment(s) (the customer himself or the employees). There are three possible appointment emails:

If you are a TimeTap Professional or TimeTap Business customer, you can customise the template sent to your customers in the Preferences section. For more information on how to customise your email template, see the preferences page on our document page. It is the e-mail that is sent to your customers when they themselves make an appointment via your planner.

Your e-mail will be sent immediately after it has saved your data on the "Your data" page. Text of the e-mail reads: An example of the e-mail can be seen in the below screenshot: It is the e-mail that is sent when an employee makes an appointment in the back Office and decides to e-mail the customer.

You will see that all remarks typed in the comment field on the Create New Appointment monitor will be duplicated to the New Appointment Notes field on the saving monitor and the other way around. Below you can find the e-mail template for creating an appointment in this way: An example of the e-mail can be seen in the below screenshot:

The e-mail is sent to your customer when you create a repeated appointment for him from the TimeTap back office. Rather than send an email individually for each appointment in the session, TimeTap will send an email containing the schedule frequencies and the weekdays on which the dates take place.

Below are the subjects and text of the email template: An example of the e-mail can be seen in the below screenshot:

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