Apps 4 Iphone Weebly

4 Iphone Weebly Apps

More than 50 million artists, doers and creative entrepreneurs around the world have already created a website or online shop with Weebly. Latest news for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The Weebly app is available free of charge from the App Store.

First Steps with the Weebly App for iOS - Weebly Help Center

Weebly' gives you the liberty to create and administer a fully functioning website directly from your own hands. Irrespective of whether you are new to Weebly or a powerful consumer, this paper will tell you how to use the application. As a first step, please start by downloading the free Apple application from the Apple Store.

As soon as you have the application on your machine, you can either set up a freshly created user interface or login to an already established Weebly user interface if you have one. There are five major parts to the Weebly app: Home page, Insights, Shop, Website and Accounts. Launch screens provide a fast overview of current site visitors and activities, as well as important alerts about accounts and invoices.

You can also find current order information and information about apps you have added to your website. Touch any element on the Home Screen to see more information. If you want to go back, touch the Home symbol at the bottom of the display. Touch the Account symbol and select the desired page using the Change Page top right hand corner shortcut.

You can use the top right corner of the calendaring toolbar to modify the timeline or set a user-defined date interval. Touch Traffic or Revenue at the top to see the detail for each one. Using the Storescreen, you can review and administer orders, items, vouchers and your store's default preferences.

Touch the map to see and modify your current selections or to add a new one using the plus symbol at the top right. Touch the Gift Certificates tab to see, modify, and generate gift certificates. Touch Preferences to modify the appearance and general preferences of your shop. On the Website page, you can browse and modify your website.

You can also see any contacts you' forms posts you've got, refresh them, or make a blogsite and modify the default preferences for your website. Touch the Modify website to open the currently visited website in the Notepad. Would you like to work on another website? Touch the account symbol below and select the desired page with the Switch Page top right hyperlink.

Or you can build a new website by using the plus sign in the Switch Site tool. As well as the Site Switchers, the Account page contains account link information for technical assistance items and information about Weebly's subscription, usage and data protection policies.

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