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appsweb.cfg - Oracle Apps DTAG

CLOCATION: appsweb. cafg, but $OA_HTML/bin/appsweb. cafg is used at run time to prevent the net auto-config sessions from overwriting it. The appsweb. config is the Oracle Forms Web-CGI configuration for Oracle Applications XI. Forms Web GCI on the web servers. This files define parameters that are used by the Forms Web GCI on the web servers.

You define these parameters during the Quick Install process. Used by each form clientsession. f60webmx records this filename when a form is accessed by a particular end users and uses this filename to create a user/client form sitting. contains the current versions of the game. Oracle executes the Oracle Form Java application and stores the most important JAR data sets at the end of the application.

Some. JARs ( which are referred to as cores as they are indicated by their storage locations in the appsweb. config file) are always uploaded at the moment of logon of Forms. FORMS: ; This filename sets configuration data to be used by the Forms Web GCI; ; are possible by changing parts at the end of this filename; ; This filename and its three parts: ; - environmental configuration data; ; - standard configuration data; ; ; ; specify configuration data; ; These configuration data describe the primary productive environments; ; They must be refreshed after each patch of this filename; ; ; ; cartridges should be named after the least frequently used Forms server; ; The standard configuration leaves these configuration data empty.

When the load balancer is not available, the Forms CGI bin file does not return any information about which system is least loaded. Instead, the Forms CGIbin forwards the user's web browsers to the web address specified by the MetricsServerErrorURL parameters. ; Split Screen: shown as a seperate pane at launch. ; Split screen (11.5.2+). ; through the web server's OA_JAVA folder. ; ; use and HTTPps for web usage.

The following settings refer to the JInitiator release; ; ; Updating them to match the JInitiator release you are using; ; ; ; changing them to forward oblique strokes (/); ; prodTop should be prodTop=D:/oracle/prodappl/fnd/11.5. If you are using a platform other than NT, keep the default: ; For more information, see the section entitled run form arguments under defaults parameter; ; It is not advised to alter these unless Oracle requests it; ; (see below sections) ; forums applet under Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0; ; the modular document specifies the first template to start.

The following parameter and prodTop are used to compose the module: ; Note: Personal Home Page changes the language settings manually; ; ; Server Application Standard is'OracleApplications' ; ; ; Standard is'/OA_JAVA/oracle/apps/fnd/formsClient' ; ; ; Password sets the storage place of Java executable top; ; Password sets the first Java executable top; ; Password sets the first Java executable top; ; Password sets the defaults to 'oracle.forms.engine.

Main' ; ; ; Clients JavaScript distributes over JARs ; ; Standard. Further JAR upload choices can be found below ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; are not necessary. DON'T CHANGE unless Oracle has ordered this; set archiving arguments by changing the following argument to true: ; is not used, and Mac archiving arguments (Forms only) are used. ; 3) Set value for the Forms applet arguments: ; server-side proxies information.

This is an Apple-specific dots per inch preference that launches the application within the windows of the launching HTML files. ; Section sizes used by the application. ; These parameter are currently ignored for the forums applets, but are used for non-forms applets.; JInitiator execution files.

Page that Netscape user will see to allow them to get JInitiator for downloading; ; If you are creating their own JInitiator release, make this setting so that it points to them; and after the release date; ; Placeholder settings for starting non-Forms-applets.; The standard setting is supported by Clients applicationforms.; Release date is not used; ; Vary.

HTML gp[x] will be written to gv[x] in the applelet definitions, ; and for x>=10 to gv[x] + gv[x]1 + gv[x]2 + gv[x]3 will be up to 255 chars long. ; Contain records parameters: ; Otherwise no records will be made. ; ; ; ; function when using appealtviewer (debugging only).

No CRM product is required for a user who uses only one or the other, but not both; definitions can be used as standard settings; by addition of specialized paragraphs, as shown in the following samples.

example 2: configure that affects MicroSoft Internet Explorer 5.0. user; use Oracle JInitiator ; JInitiator is never used) ; PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS EXAMPLE !

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