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The Appthemes Classipress

Plugins Suggested Our employees have tried them out and they have proven that they work with ClassiPress. Prefabricated category files - Do not make all these category files by hand. This free category files add several hundred category to ClassiPress. Subscribe to society - Allow subscribing to society sites. Search the ClassicPress Languages Pack Bundle to find the pack you want.

Learn more about how to set up your own voice pack. Would you like to achieve even more with ClassiPress?


CLASSICPRESS 3.3 is here at last and introduces some great new functions. ClassiPress 3.3 now integrates with our high-performance PayPal and Bank Transfer PayPal gateway, which means that your PayPal and bank transfer gateway are no longer restricted. Checkout Frameworks add its own WP based menus and allow website users to simply administer all checkout preferences and orders.

Since 3.3. many of the payments related preferences have been shifted to the Payments menu: Now ClassiPress is fully reactive, i.e. it scaled perfect on portable units. We' ve added new preference pages to make it even simpler to administer your preferences. Added saving all your preferences to a WP setting and turned the selected Yes/No selections into check boxes.

Now ClassiPress is fully WPML plug-in compliant - you can easily convert your classifieds website to many different language versions! ClassiPress makes it simple to set up a website that is ranked, and we made it so. We' ve prepared a ready-made category files that you can use to immediately add over 800 category files to your ClassiPress page.

To make it easy to find the information you need, we have reorganised the ClassiPress document. If you are there, be sure to read the ClassiPress 3.3 Payment Setup Guide. ClassiPress 3.3's most important functions are these, but not all of them. With ClassiPress 3.3 enabled, all your existing preferences, such as prices, orders and vouchers, are updated for you.

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