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New ClassiPress Child Themes Tutorial for CP 3.2 The ClassiPress 3.2 has arrived! It' timely to upgrade our ClassiPress Childrens Theme Tutors. We will also be creating more tutorials so that you have all the necessary instruction to build your own stunning children's theme for ClassiPress.

Our ClassiPress designer, Andrjez, starts with the basic principles. In his ClassiPress children's topic Tutorial you will learn the basic principles of file structures, style and use.

You should be able to build a fundamental sub theme for ClassiPress with this step-by-step guide. When you' re a genius with stylesheet and wordpress features, you can do even more. It also provides some illustrative samples of how changes can impact the overall design lay-out and feature set.

Learn his ClassiPress Childtheme tutorial and begin creating your own Childtheme today. Maybe you'd like to see another important ClassiPress Tutorial by Andrjez. Andrzej presents a checklist of things that should be added to refresh sub topics for ClassiPress 3.2. If you have an already installed ClassiPress CI theme and are planning to expand to CP 3.2, this is a must.

Every goddamn case he does, he does a story to help us sharing it with the rest of the family. There are two new tutorials this weekend that will help increase the efficiency of your WordPress work. In his first class, you'll learn how to apply user-defined button names to the WordPress builder. Dave's other Tutorial shows you how to use WordPress to create multi-site articles via e-mail.

For ClassiPress Theme Install, click ClassiPress Theme.

Beside all the great new functions of ClassiPress 3.0 I also wanted to talk about the significantly enhanced setup procedure. The majority of premium topics or plug-ins that you choose to deploy (including ClassiPress 2.9) involve creating pages by hand, assigning them to a customized style sheet, naming the permalink/URL in a specific way, publishing them, finding the page ID, pasting them into another box, and then saving them.

It is not only a true experience of suffering, but it also needs a certain amount of patience and gives the possibility to make errors. This also means that those who don't like reading instruction or can't speak English will have much less difficulty setting up their website. It' also a good thing for those who are new or are not very familiar with WordPress in general.

It' a feature that is revolutionizing the way you work with WordPress topics, and in 3.0 it' all fully automates when you enable it. We' d like to set a good example and you will see some other groundbreaking functions, as well as the user-defined field GUI integrated into WordPress. Yes, you still need to go in and customize the ClassiPress settings pages, but the manually created pages and template assignment processes are done behind the scenes in the installation scripts.

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