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We will confirm the purchase with our webhosting partner and give you a unique voucher code to use. Check out our AppThemes review, developers of WordPress themes like Clipper and Vantage, and use the AppThemes discount coupon code! The AppThemes has released a brand new Fiverr Clone Theme called Taskerr and it looks great.


Receive 50% off a unique topic or $79 on Club Packs when you register with one of our favorite web Hosting affiliates! Now is the right moment if you don't have web space yet, or if you're currently dissatisfied with your current one. First, you have to register via one of our affiliate sites.

Be sure to attach your activating e-mail (insert everything, but delete your sign-in password) along with the topic pack you want to buy. Once we have confirmed your order with our webhosting partners, we will give you a voucher to use. Processing times are usually between 24 and 48 hrs, so please be patience if you do not immediately contact us.

Every sale that cannot be validated in our system is not eligible for the rebate. The reason may be that you did not first click on our affiliate hyperlink or on another website affiliate hyperlink. In order to make sure that the transactions are carried out properly, we advise you to delete your browser's cookie before you click on our affiliate links.

The voucher cannot be used in combination with other discounts from the hosted service provider (or us) and is restricted to one per individual. The coupon offers are only available for new hosters. When you have an affiliate with one of our hosted affiliates, you will not be able to register for a new affiliate with the same hosted affiliate and get the coupon.

It is also necessary to register for an annuity based hosted service scheme (although the payment per month should be fine) and keep it running during your engagement.

For installation just use the WordPress Administrator Panel to load the plug-in.

For installation just use the WordPress Administrator Panel to load the plug-in. As soon as enabled, you can use the payment menu on the Coupons page to insert, refresh or remove coupons. Hint: This plug-in will fail and disable itself unless the actual design is fully featured. Just activate the plug-in from the Manage Plugins page once a topic has been chosen for you.

A problem with the absent coupon codes in the cash register has been solved. Simply begin by agreeing to accept on-line payment by either your own personal payment method or E-Check.

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