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01. inauguration For all Marketplace software product, this interoperability must be maintained. One or more payments processors will be used by the marketplace. The customer agrees to comply with the requirements of these settlement methods. In exceptional cases, you may licence Cascading style-sheets ( "CSS") and Image (s) under a propriety licence, but this propriety licence must grant an indefinite, royalty-free, non-revocable licence to buyers on the Marketplace to copy, view and create derived works of CSS and Image (s) for their own private or business use.

It is your responsibility to regularly update your Marketplace product. Those upgrades may include troubleshooting, improvements, new functionality, and general servicing to keep your product "fresh" and performing well. If you are deploying an update to your Marketplace product, you must deploy it free of cost twelve (12) month after a customer's date of acquisition.

You must offer an alternate way for us to assist you if you do not want to use this forum. Includes: e-mail, a helpdesk system, forum, telephone or personally via your own website or a cloud-based application. It is necessary to specify your supporting scheme on the register card "Support" on your marketplace page.

That means that your product: A minor change to an exisiting item (free or paid) does not mean it is "unique" and you can resell it. For such uses of your produkt no payment is due or due. To cancel these conditions, you can do so by deleting or deactivating your Marketplace items.

Upon completion, clauses 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18 and 19 of these General Conditions shall continue in effect. Should a particular provision in the GTC not be valid, this shall have no effect on the remaining provisions. California, USA law, except California Collision Regulations, shall govern all litigation resulting out of or in connection with these conditions or the Services.

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