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Wordprocessor FreeLance Topic The HireBee is a free-lance WordPress marketing topic. Companies publish jobs and Freelancer launch the tender. They create the price schedules and take a part of each work. It' simple to monetise every alcove by offering a crowsourced matching services! Price schemes offer you many opportunities to earn money.

Generate several price schedules. Categorize your drawings. Present your project on the home page and the pages of your project section. will be the only boundary for the kind of plan you make. Website users can also earn money through credits via suggestions from volunteers. They are similar to price schemes, but use a loan system that allows contractors to submit and/or publish suggestions.

Loan schedules can be adjusted so that they are offered as individual or service packages. When you use our Stripe Gateways add-on (included with the Club package), you can use the escalation feature for your Hirebee page. You can keep the funds for each contracted work until the end of the working day (via Stripe Connect).

In the case of concluded contracts, the trust balance minus any commission is paid to the contractor automatic. In the case of unfinished work, the employer is reimbursed by default. The HireBee follows the latest trends in clear and straightforward contemporary designs. Each important HireBee operation initiates a message that is immediately displayed on the user's desktop and is also sent via e-mail to keep the user up to date.

Alerts can be administered via the user's own dashboard. Your site's dashboard is the hub for users' nerves - a unique page where they can view all their alerts, stories, suggestions, buys, ratings, contact information, location statistics, and favourites. Every projekt is clearly identified with its actual state. The creation of a market place for employer and freelancer can be a big revenue-generator.

At Hirebee you bill for post ings, features and marking of urgency as well as post ings and/or filing of suggestions. They can also earn revenue from free software development work. While we could try to think up all the areas needed for a particular type of construction, we would never meet all the requirements of the construction site.

With our high-performance Shape Builder, you can build your own Shape by adding your own user-defined boxes. Normally the employer advertises jobs and contractors bid for jobs, but sometimes the employer can also be a contractor and so on. It' easy to give this agility to your website visitors by activating shared roles capabilities so that each roll shares its functions.

Once a team has been allocated to a freelance, both the participant, the boss and the freelance have direct contact with a dedicated workspace where they can both administer the team. Provides a central point of contact for a specific type of research proposal, which can provide all relevant information. In so many available ventures, the user must select those that better match their capabilities.

User can flag items as "favorites" to display in their client' Dashboard. Once an applicant has been selected by an applicant company, it is important that both sides reach agreement on their conditions before the formal commissioning of the work. It is at this point that bosses and freelance workers can bargain with each other until they are both satisfied and dissatisfied with the conditions.

Workplaces can simply view their proposed entries via their dashboards and then analyse and select the winner. The applicant becomes the applicant for the processing of the research work. Common people should be able to search through their most important assignments without having to go through all category and subcategory each times they need to find assignments.

The HireBee provides a straightforward answer by using a Widget that allows your registrated user to store each filtering for later use. By filtering for capabilities, categories, or site types, your website visitors can quickly find the most pertinent project for their capabilities. In addition to the standard Titel, Beschreibung, Kategorie and Subcategory boxes, you will also find Haushaltsart, Budgetwurung, Standort, Fähigkeiten, Tag, Datei-Upload und Dauer (only free project, the project length is defined in the pricing plan).

Provide something for your visitors to return to your site. Discounts in HireBee are displayed as free credit for Freelancer. The HireBee comes with side bars that can be used to add a widget. Various page bars can be used in most areas of the site, as well as the Post a Project and Apply to Project form.

The prices are easy and you can update your map at any moment.

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