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Updater Appthemes

The AppThemes update has introduced a new updater plugin. This plugin helps you update themes when new AppThemes versions become available. Corrections for the AppThemes Updater Plugin have been completed.

What's the point of the shift?

Previously, this feature was incorporated directly into our topics, but there were some restrictions that led us to split it as a plug-in. With our range of products continuing to expand, we want to upgrade our application programming interface faster - without having to await specific topic release. Updating is still the same as when you are asked to do an actual WordPress plug-in upgrade.

Current users will need to dowload and reinstall the plug-in on their own dashboards to keep receiving automated upgrades as the old updater APII is outdated (i.e. it no longer works). If I don't have the plug-in installed, what happens? There will be no more automated topic updating. You can still always physically fetch each new release from your desktop and still reinstall it.

It is a clearly allocated authentification key that is necessary for access to our service (e.g. the automatic updater). As soon as you have installed the plug-in, you will be informed about all new software up-dates.

Updated AppThemes products

Provides automated updating for AppThemes or articles from our marketplace. With the AppThemes Updater you can get alerts about new releases and upgrade them directly from WordPress. It' by far the simplest way because WordPress does the transfer itself and you don't even have to quit your webspace.

Login to your WordPress administration area. Browse to the Plugins section of the Plugins side bar and click New. Enter "AppThemes Updater" in the AppThemes box and click "Search Plugins". When you have found the plug-in, click on the "Install now" icon. Click on the "Activate Plugin" hyperlink after installation. To do this, you must either install the plug-in on your computer by hand or directly via SFTP on your webhost.

Extract and install the plug-in on your computer (using WinZip for PCs or Archive Utility for Mac). You can use an SFTP utility (or your own web host controller ) to copy the unpacked plug-in folders to the `wp-content/plugins/` location of your WordPress install. Enable the plug-in from the Plugins section of the WordPress Administrator side bar menus.

Once the plug-in is activated, please obey the directions at the top of the page. It will show you how to obtain and type your AppThemes API Keys. When this is complete, you will be informed when an upgrade is available via the default WordPress messaging system (plugins or topic page). Internet ) and from there.

Account is free, but you must buy a copy (or extend your subscription) before the AppThemes Updater plug-in works. Corrects a WordPress 3.7 incompatibility problem.

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