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Vantage of AppThemes is the best directory WordPress theme? How soon will it be available? We' re at last prepared to present the new look and feel of Vantage 4.0! Besides a redesign upgrade, the coding under the bonnet was almost entirely new.

It was our primary objective to upgrade the look and make it much simpler to customise and use. Updated March 22, 2017 - Vantage 4.0.

Current clients can use 4.0. x, but can only update an old 3. x site from 4.1 onwards. While we had our own wish lists of articles we wanted to improve, we also received feedback from our clients. There is still a long way to go and there are always mistakes, but we are aiming for a relaunch at the end of the year.

Updated March 18, 2017 - We have updated the Updater API and corrected some errors in 4.0. The 1 will be available for downloading next year. Notice: Current clients can get it, but the 3.x x migrationscript will only be available from 4.1.0 onwards. This means that you can have it installed on a new copy of WordPress and everything will be set up right, but if you use it on your current 3rd x site, it will not work right.

Updated 11 March 2017 - We had to move Vantage 4. Zero released due to some unexpected problems with our updater API. It was planned to allow current clients using 3rd x (who did not want to upgrade) to automatically fetch 4th x by hand so that the automatic updates would not inform them of an updates and blast away their current website on click.

On the cautious side, we have decided to be wrong so that more clients are not affected. Updated March 9, 2017 - Vantage 4.0. Meanwhile, you can go ahead and get it downloaded and tinkered with. Updated February 22, 2017 - After a few week break we are back at Vantage work. I and Artem used to spend several workingdays on it instead of Vantage coding.

It is very important because it performs testing and includes our product information inside our Github repositories to make it available on our hosted fileserver (from where you are downloading things). We could not share any of our designs without this one. From here we are expecting two more week of developing prior to publication.

This brings us to 9 March 2017. Updated January 29, 2017 - I'll be frank. We' re all burned out and we need a rest. The development teams (me and Artem) have been working on this version for month and month, and we can't go on programming and physical tests until we get a few week-off.

Hopefully everyone will understand and be able to stay a little longer (two week rest plus two week more development time). It' s a pain, I know, but we are actually humans and need some rest. Updated 14 January 2017 - We are really trying to bring this product to the market and we are really getting closer........ but last minute bug are always appearing that postpone our start date (sorry sorry!).

There are also some things that take us away from working hours (e.g. my 11-month-old girl struggles, so sleeping = very little). January 6, 2017 Update - The Vantage 4. December 21, 2016 Update - As the Christmas period is in full progress and there have been some technological drawbacks, we won't be able to finish 4th in the year 2016.

We' re very frustrated because we were hoping to publish it next year. This and next weekend with the Christmas and New Year holiday our staff will take a much needed rest. Zero, so it's case to charge our artillery and point turning for a end contest to examination the message.

Yes, if you have an existing Vantage or Club account or are a regular subscriber (with lifelong updates), the update is free.

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