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The Appz is a very simple design, but the best way to get familiar with any WordPress design is to get the same look as in the demo. WorldPress + Appz WordPress theme is a simple, fast and effective way to get to the. This one-page WordPress theme lets you create business, portfolio, agency, blogging and any type of website. Proud to present you a free WordPress theme called "Appz".

Appz. Free WordPress theme to present your new iPhone app.

Although the website lacked some essential parts, the app itself was up and running. Over the past few months, we've been considering how to get your interest in the first article in this blogs. What about a free WordPress theme for starters?

Proud to present you a free WordPress theme named "Appz". It' a neat and contemporary look that works best for destination pages and presents your latest iPhone applications. Your nice designer has just developed into a fully-fledged WP theme. The WordPress + Appz WordPress Theme is an easy, quick and efficient way to address the public with your WordPress Theme.

Table of choices. The Framework Plugin has been added to this topic with some basic preferences and style choices. WordPress 3.5 and WordPress 3.5 available. Operates well with the latest WordPress release. Setting up this topic is a fairly straightforward procedure and should not take long. First, you need to click on the above mentioned links to get the theme pack on your computer.

In order to reinstall a WordPress theme, login to your WordPress Dashboard and browse to the section Look -> Themes. Go to the submenu Add Topics and click the Submit icon. Locate the "" on your computer and finish the setup by enabling the theme. The Appz is a very easy design, but the best way to get familiar with any WordPress design is to get the same look as in the demonstration.

It is recommended that you download the contents of the Zip files you previously download (sample-data.xml). In order to download the example files, go back to your WordPress Dashboard and click Tools -> Tools -> Imports, then select "WordPress" to download the installer. Use the WordPress importers search for the example files. Find the WordPress example files in the WordPress database and click "Upload and Import File".

You now have the same contents on your website as in our demonstration. However, let us take you through the fundamentals of this topic. The Appearance submenu provides a clear and brand -free control surface for theme options with some preferences and basic style elements. You can customize the look of this theme on the Style page.

Select from several different typefaces that we have included in this theme. You' ll quickly notice that we have created a user-defined mail item associated with the slide control. We were able to eliminate what is not necessary for this particular kind of mail by simply dropping a user-defined mail style. If you want to append some additional details about your app, you need to make a individual contribution using the WordPress core feature.

Appz Theme accesses this article and displays it under the slide bar on your target page. In a few moments we went through the fundamentals of this topic. It'?s that easy!

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